Par-ty! Par-ty!

“The Iraqi people will soon be dancing in the streets of Baghdad like those liberated in Kabul.” — Ken Adelman, Pentagon Defense Policy Board, 10/6/02

“You’re going to find Iraqis out cheering American troops.”  — Paul Wolfowitz, 2/23/03

“My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.”  — Dick Cheney, 3/16/03

Iraq celebrated the withdrawal of American troops from its cities with parades, fireworks and a national holiday on Tuesday as the prime minister trumpeted the country’s sovereignty from American occupation to a wary public. — NYTimes, 7/1/09

How prescient, those architects of the Iraqi war.  They accurately gauged the temperature of the Iraqi people, and determined they were starved for the liberation the destruction of their cities and institutions would bring.  They anticipated Iraqi’s embrace of slaughtered innocents, months of no power or plumbing, suicide bombings in marketplaces, faceless innocents bleeding in the streets, ritualistic decapitations, etc., all in return for the their liberation to democracy.

01iraq1_600Even before the invasion, the Monkey Boy administration knew how beloved American troops would become.  They told us so.  They promised.  Perhaps they were unaware of the distinction between a Sunni and a Shiite, and that tribal hatreds dating back a thousand years still bubbled beneath the surface, but for certain they knew how these desperate for democracy Muslims would throw themselves in gratitude at the feet of American soldiers.

Bush and the crew knew back then that your average Iraqi, no matter his faith, wanted those weapons of mass destruction removed.  And no matter what their party affiliation, in their heart of hearts, they believed that Sadaam Hussein (Obama’s uncle, on his father’s side) must be punished for engineering 911.

And there, in yesterday’s delerious celebrations, you see the proof.  How wrong we dissenters have been!  The Defeatocrat resistance, echoing the cowardly cop-outs in France and Germany, has finally been exposed.

President Bush, we humbly apologize.  History will redeem you.

First 3 quotes from “The War in Quotes,” a Doonesbury book.  There’s more and even better stuff.  It’s fabulous reading.

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9 Responses to Par-ty! Par-ty!

  1. Red White & Blue says:

    Why do you hate America?

  2. Ms Calabaza says:

    4,324 deaths by American servicemen and women … for this.

  3. Ghost of Saddam Hussein says:

    I told you so.

  4. Richard Perle in South of France says:

    I think I’ll try my new golf swing today … Where’s Wolfie?

  5. Mainstream Media says:

    This is not important, lets move on …

    Michael Jackson is dead!

  6. Manual Override says:

    And yet, talk to the dunces on the right and they still have nothing bad to say about the former president, and nothing good about the current one. Like this whole thing never happened. Like somehow this whole thing is now Obama’s fault. Or a media conspiracy.

  7. Haliburton says:

    We’ve been celebrating the deployment from Day One! In fact, it was our idea!

  8. Big Brother is Watching says:

    your quota of posts is not up to par … start writing.

  9. If Michael Jackson had not been able to buy his way out of jail, he would probably still be alive today, for it would have been difficult, even for him, to be anesthetized on demand there, and, also, he might have discovered adults as sexual objects and embraced the blackness that repelled him (after being rejected for membership in the Skinheads).

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