They Are Making Art

This is brilliant, and so British:

LONDON — Trafalgar Square is a place of patriotism and past glory, of dead men posing in perpetuity on enormous pedestals. But on Monday, it became a place where Suren Seneviratne, a 22-year-old disc jockey, stood atop a 26-foot-high plinth, wearing a homemade panda costume and hyperkinetically talking on the phone…..He was the seventh participant in “One & Other,” a grand project that is meant to stretch the boundaries of sculpture by placing 2,400 people on the square’s usually vacant fourth plinth, for an hour apiece, from now through Oct. 6.

The proceedings are being broadcast in a live Webcast on, with a disclaimer, true to Mr. Gormley’s warnings, that “offensive content” may appear. NY Times

I tune in during the day — it’s amazing.  I don’t doubt there are some  who will be dull, evangelical,  obnoxious, political, and even repugnant, but that’s the roll of the dice — and how different is that from teevee, for example?

But the positive side is, it’s performance art at a new level (literally), with the spotlight on urban British people whose capacity to entertain goes back centuries.

Enjoy.  It’s summer.

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4 Responses to They Are Making Art

  1. Mark Skidd says:

    I see now why the British Empire declined into nothingness.

  2. Ms Calabaza says:

    So let me get this straight … you tune into this several times a day?

    • squathole says:

      I do! It’s somehow captivating. Right now there’s a willowy Irish blonde up there, giddy and cute, just enjoying the hell out of it and making small talk with passers-by.

  3. Fran G'Panni says:

    It’s beautiful. “Plinthers.” Life-sized human beings gamboling with out-sized statues. It changes perspectives and shapes the world. It’s art.

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