Shaving Tips.

Well, not the tips, actually.  But in the same area.  A whole series, produced by Gillette, providing useful information to me on shaving body parts other than their faces.  Like the ‘nads.

balls_mI spotted this in the Miami Hurled, and of course had to check it out, which led me to the youtube clip.  Best line: “Where there’s no underbrush, the tree looks taller.”

There’s also one each on shaving a man’s chest, back, and armpits.  The general theme is, “Buy a sweater, don’t grow one.”  The clips are all animated: no live hairs were sacrificed for the art, so there’s no amusing nicks, bloodletting, or bursting pustules to admire.

I guess the image of hairy men as sexy, virile, manly men has changed.  Body hair is out, acceptable in reduced quantities, perhaps, but necessarily “manscaped” to manageable levels.  Gillette is only too happy to lead this charge, of course, they’re the ones providing weapons in this arms race.

Are men doing this in locker room showers, as part of their regular washing-up routines?  Shampoo, soap up, then reach for the shaving kit and trim up the groin (etc.)?   Are men who don’t do this seeing those who do and freaking out, or thinking it over?   “Holy hairballs, Ed, the hell you doing?  Are you suicidal, ferchrissakes?”

Hair today, gone tomorrow.  Might take some getting used to.

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11 Responses to Shaving Tips.

  1. NicFitKid says:

    King Camp Gillette — a brilliant scam artist/entrepreneur/utopian wackjob who convinced men everywhere that his proprietary razors, cheaply made and quick to lose an edge, were the best way to shave. The eponymous corporation continues the legacy with their multi-blade misery inducers that clog with hair in a single pass, keep a decent edge for barely a week, and cost crazy money to replace.

    But I am being a tad melodramatic. People being fooled into buying stuff they don’t need so they can do shit they don’t like, what else is new?

  2. Camiel Toe says:

    Go for it, guys. See what fun it is, especially when it’s time to splash on the cologne. Heh.

  3. Ortho Stice says:

    Is this a gay thing working its way out into the mainstream? I envision “shave sessions,” the male equivalent of a Botox party. Bunch of guys getting together to shave each others’, um, areas, drinking white wine and chatting about different techniques and products.


  4. Private Partz says:

    When I swam competitively I shaved EVERYTHING I had. All of us did. When I finally stopped and it grew in, I hated it so much I started shaving again. Now I don’t shave as much as trim, except for my balls. I keep them smooth and cuddly.

  5. Mumblety Peg says:

    Men are such pigs.

  6. Dawgbowl says:

    The groin area in the clip shows pixilated equipment. WTF? It’s a cartoon!

  7. Lazlo Toth says:

    My wife, disgusted by the way I was sweating through my shirts, suggested shaving my armpits. She even offered to do it herself, so what the hell, might be fun. It was strange to look at for a while, but now it isn’t. Most important: it really helped with sweating, smelling, and soaking. So count me in, boys. I’m a convert.

  8. Manual Override says:

    I agree with Nicfitkid. Gillette products are the pits (yuk yuk). Their razors are ineffective, their various lotions and creams are cheap-smelling and ineffective, and their colognes stink like ass. They’re the Budweiser of men’s products, and like Bud, they’re everywhere.

  9. R. says:

    Interestingly enough, a few months ago, I posted a commercial that their main competitor, Schick, put out to promote their new trimmer for women. All I’m saying is that it was the bushes, not the women that seemed to be the main protagonists in the spot…

  10. Laura, Columba, Jenna, Barbara says:

    R: Not THESE Bushes, please.

  11. Squathole says:

    R: I’m always glad to see you here. It’s rare as a blue moon, and always as memorable.

    I went back and watched those videos you linked, like “mowthelawn,” and laughed myself silly. The suggestive imagery was hilarious. Not so much deforestation as topiary.

    And remember: I married a redhead.

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