Antagonists Anonymous

From my email (

“….I still keep an eye on [your former blog] waiting for your return so you can write some GOOD shit instead of the watered-down crap you’re doing now.  Maybe if you got better at it I’d follow Obalesque but you’re just friggin lame any more and I doubt it.  So rat off, [real name], and see if I give a shit.”

Gosh I hate to lose a reader and a fan, especially one as insightful and articulate as Hugh Bris, but look.  The deal was, I take a new job where they pay me twice what I was getting and (it was strongly recommended) I stop blogging, at least by name.  That’s the deal, Hugh, and I’m old and wise enough to know how to prioritize.  I know which side of my bread to shit on.

logoFact of the matter is I shouldn’t blog at all, just haunt other people’s in their comments section.  Lord knows I do enough of that, too.

So here’s my offer, Hugh.  Today, and maybe every Friday, I post: nothing.  Just empty space, with the suggestion that YOU, Hugh (“yoo hoo!”) take over.  Post  whatever you like in the comments section like you own the place.  Anything at all, with one exception: my name and the name of my old blog.  Same deal for everybody.

It’s Open Mike Friday.   Do your best.

PS  That’s not my logo, and if anybody officially objects, I’ll remove it.

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12 Responses to Antagonists Anonymous

  1. SuperBee says:

    What did the Door say to the wall?

    “Help! I’m in a jamb!”

    This thing on?

    Try the veal! Don’t forget to tip your waitress!

  2. 8 Bells says:

    What other blog? You didn’t used to be Alesh, were you?

  3. NME says:

    I knew Hugh Bris. I used to work with Hugh Bris. Let me tell you, Squathole, you’re no Hugh Bris. For that you should be grateful.

  4. *Rim Shot* says:

    What’s the deal with the Syrian rabbis busted in north jersey making money selling human kidneys? WTF? I thought they only dealt in foreskins.

  5. nonee moose says:

    I’m one pipe organ short of world domination, and my eBay account is on the fritz.

    Damned internets…

  6. Beardsley says:

    Ha! Now’s the time to sneak in some liberal politics!

    The image of the United States has improved markedly in most parts of the world, reflecting global confidence in Barack Obama. In many countries opinions of the United States are now about as positive as they were at the beginning of the decade before George W. Bush took office. Improvements in the U.S. image have been most pronounced in Western Europe, where favorable ratings for both the nation and the American people have soared. But opinions of America have also become more positive in key countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, as well.

    The new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, conducted May 18 to June 16, finds that confidence in Barack Obama’s foreign policy judgments stands behind a resurgent U.S. image in many countries. Belief that Obama will “do the right thing in world affairs” is now nearly universal in Western countries, where lack of confidence in President Bush had been almost as prevalent for much of his time in office. In France and Germany, no fewer than nine-in-ten express confidence in the new American president, exceeding the ratings achieved by Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel in their own countries.

    Happy times are here again, I guess.
    Pew Global Attitudes Survey

  7. Fritz says:

    I checked carefully, Nonee Mousse, and I can’t find your eBay account anywhere on me. Sorry.

  8. Fly Guy says:

    Do your own blogging, dude. I don’t need this job. I just show up for the health benefits.

  9. chutzpah says:

    I’m sensing some real anger there from hubris…

  10. anonymous says:

    yeah all the scumbags, punk tyrants and dictators all over the world d are really happy now that they have a soulmate and worthless president in charge of the USA now.
    I am sure the Ortegas, Chavez. Castros, Kims and the Iranian Mullahs are really enthralled and happy over the new president and his policies. Enjoy it while you can since it will be over in 2012.

  11. Beardsley says:

    Anonymous: By “all the scumbags” I presume you mean the citizens of western Europe, as well as of the Latin American nations where those dictators you mention exert their power.

    Your response is similar to those I heard for years, teaching introductory philosophy to college freshmen. When disecting arguments for the proof of God’s existence, some students simply couldn’t handle seeing beloved beliefs challenged, and would resort to defensive derision rather than logic or thoughtful retort.

    Reading the news — you might try that yourself on occasion — it’s hard to conclude that the Ortegas, Chavez’s, Castros, etc. “are enthralled” over Obama, particularly because of his popularity among western European democracies. They regularly condemn him and as you ought to know, work very hard to make him and America look ineffective and evil. Look how Chavez was poised to use the Honduran incident as a stick to beat America with, as did Iran with its own corrupt election. But Obama didn’t walk into either trap. He’s smarter than his predecessor, and the whole world realizes it.

    Well, perhaps not the whole world. There’s you, of course.

  12. R. says:

    now it all makes sense. and it makes the name change seem all the more funny for some reason.

    oh shit, is this thing on?

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