My my…’s Friday again already.  Time to summon the services of Michael, better known as “Open Mike.”  Take it away, friends.  Open Mike Friday starts NOW.  Post whatever comes to mind in the Comments section.  Surprise us.  Amuse your friends.

But just for the halibut, check out these fabulous old vids on from FunkJelly, featuring classic smash-yer-guitar footage.  Personally, I especially enjoyed Jeff Beck from back in the day….remember, Old Timer?

PS  Hugh Bris:  Where are you, shitheel??  Still back in the old neighborhood, sulking?

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4 Responses to Lights….Camera…

  1. Lu Senz says:

    Your Phillies celebrated the acquisition of Cliff Lee by dropping 2 games in a row to the Giants, a much better team that anybody gives them credit for.

    Lee is an amazing addition to the staff. The Indians scalped themselves (again!). The big question is how effective a starting staff with 3 lefties will do against the dominating right-handed Dodgers in the post-season. Sorry, but my money is on the Dodgers.

  2. Joe Balls says:

    LOL — the MasterCard ad!! I see why they didn’t let THAT one outta the stable.

    I hate kids.

  3. Old Timer says:

    Hendrix, dead at 23. What a waste.

  4. Walter Cronkite's Ghost says:


    I thought you would enjoy this one …


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