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Crime and Punishment

Wearing pants in public could land a famed Sudanese journalist 40 lashes for violating public morality, Al Arabiya TV said Tuesday, prompting the journalist to send out 500 invitations to her possible flogging in a bid to expose human rights … Continue reading

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Ball and Chain

Guido returns late tonight (Tuesday), concluding her mission of mercy that has extended 12 days.  So what kind of mischief did her re-bachelorized spouse get into? I broke the garbage disposal, but I managed to make it work a day … Continue reading

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Shaving Tips.

Well, not the tips, actually.  But in the same area.  A whole series, produced by Gillette, providing useful information to me on shaving body parts other than their faces.  Like the ‘nads. I spotted this in the Miami Hurled, and … Continue reading

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“There Is No ‘I’ in ‘Quit'”

“More opposite characters you could not imagine. [Robert] McNamara, the owlish, frighteningly smart, statistically sophisticated, emotionally fragile executive, was the coldest fish in the exotic aquarium of the New Frontier.  [Sarah] Palin, the most colorful and charismatic figure to pop … Continue reading

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They Are Making Art

This is brilliant, and so British: LONDON — Trafalgar Square is a place of patriotism and past glory, of dead men posing in perpetuity on enormous pedestals. But on Monday, it became a place where Suren Seneviratne, a 22-year-old disc … Continue reading

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Timely Notice

TODAY ONLY! AT 5 MINUTES AND 6 SECONDS AFTER 4:00, ON THE 8TH OF JULY, THIS YEAR, THE TIME AND DATE WILL BE: 04:05:06  07-08-09 Be prepared!  Sorry for the short notice.  Have a nice day.

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Do You See What I See?

Arriving home Tuesday night, I observe the thermometer in the kitchen registers 91.  It’s 90 in my bathroom (was 86 this morning, before dawn).  Is this the greatest weather, or what?  This is why I moved to Florida, not those … Continue reading

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We’re Bachelors, Baby!

But First……Is everybody headed to the Staples Center in LA for One-Glove Jack-o’s Dirt Nap festivities?  Whoa, Nellie!  Turn dem hosses around!  We have our very own Jackson Memorial right here, in downtown Miami.  See you there! * * * … Continue reading

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Par-ty! Par-ty!

“The Iraqi people will soon be dancing in the streets of Baghdad like those liberated in Kabul.” — Ken Adelman, Pentagon Defense Policy Board, 10/6/02 “You’re going to find Iraqis out cheering American troops.”  — Paul Wolfowitz, 2/23/03 “My belief … Continue reading

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Like most Americans, I don’t give a stained bedsheet who’s fucking whom.  Wanna cheat on your beloved?  Lie about it to your wife and kids?  Have a blast.  Ain’t nunna my bidness. Here’s a study that says 54% of Americans … Continue reading

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