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See You in September

What?  August 27 is our anniversary?  Why wasn’t I informed in advance?  NOW what? How many years?  90?  75?  Shit.  Am I close?  No.  Shit shit shit. I know.  We’ll go to Key West.  Okay?  We’ll go tomorrow and stay … Continue reading

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There She Melts…….

A new trend has developed in Hungary in an effort to “demonstrate how Hungarian cosmetic techniques have advanced in the past decade,” according to the Plastic Surgery Channel. Pageant officials say that they want to show off their new “affordable” … Continue reading

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Not Your Father’s CARE Package

Sometimes they don’t need any commentary whatsoever.  Thanks to Ms C for the lead! You can recycle your bottles, cans, and paper products. Now you can recycle your old sex toys! Recycling Your Sex Toys Finally, there’s an environmentally friendly … Continue reading

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AFLAK Attack

This longish article about kidnapped semi-domesticated Muscovy ducks ending up on dinner plates got some attention over at Rick’s place yesterday. Reading the story, I can’t decide which is more appalling: (a) making pets out of Muscovy ducks, (b) stealing … Continue reading

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What Can Brown Do For You?

It’s Sunday night and Guido has a colonoscopy tomorrow morning.  So: I’m on my own for dinner this evening. I’m on my own for sex this evening, too.  Maybe she’ll watch. There will be horrible, gut-wrenching (literally) sounds all night, … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Weekend, and Nun Too Soon

Look, it’s Friday and usually I don’t post a lot on Friday because nobody reads it anyway.  Except for the literally 1,382 people this week (so far) who hit on this post from April, 2008.  Which I simply can’t understand.  … Continue reading

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Girls Girls Girls

As Our Troops Die In Afghanistan……. Last week….. Human Rights Watch discovered that a revised version of the Shiite Personal Status Law had been quietly put into effect at the end of July — meaning that Shiite men in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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