That Old Time Religion

No, not Christianity.  As much fun as it is to needle the devolved fundamentalists, they hardly own exclusive rights to ungodly conduct and pigheaded custom.  E.g.,

A 12-year-old Yemeni child bride, struggling with labor pains for three days to give birth to a stillborn, died due to severe bleeding in the al-Zahra district hospital of Hodeida Province on Friday.

Child brides are common in Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, where tribal customs dominate society.  Financial problems often cause Yemeni girls to be married off before the age of 18, mainly to older men some of whom have more than one wife.  The first global declaration of Yemeni child brides was made in 2008 when the 10-year-old Nujood Ali went to the central courthouse demanding a divorce, after her husband beat and raped her within weeks of the ceremony.

Despite several attempts made by the Yemeni parliament, aiming to set the minimum marriage age at 17, the law has never been approved, as many lawmakers believe is in violation of the Sharia law.  —Press TV

Cancel the baby shower.

Yes, let’s by all means respect cherished cultural practices worldwide, withholding moral judgment.  After all, what’s so difficult about accepting grimace-free the practice of raffling off pre-teen females to older polygamous husbands?  As for impregnating them, well hell: she’s bought and paid for, and what are females for if not procreation?

1506955778_73f618f8dfBesides, it makes good economic sense.  As any westerner will tell you, the difference between the sex you pay for and the sex you don’t is, the sex you pay for is a lot cheaper.

It’s not a perfect system — collateral damage like this is inevitable — but look on the bright side: at no point did any secular humanist raise a stink about abortion.  Maybe we ended up with both a stillborn and a child succumbing to an agonized death, but at least respect for life was maintained.

Feel better now?

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5 Responses to That Old Time Religion

  1. Jerry Falwell's Ghost says:

    Squathole: You will PAY for this …

  2. Neil, A Christian Soul says:

    I agree with Rev Falwell’s ghost. You’re going to hell.

  3. Barbara Ganousch says:

    Just tragic. This sort of behavior went out with the 12th century. I thought.

  4. SuperBee says:

    I want to know what application I have to fill out to be able to condemn people to hell… I’m jealous of everyone else having all the fun.

  5. Joe Balls says:

    They treat their women worse than they treat their camels. Of course, most camels have two humps.

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