Just In Case

Last week it was perfume that smells of fresh-mowed lawn.  This week?

[T]he new fragrance Sustain is inspired by the sensual and organic experience of folk music. We’re loving the story of its creation: With Ray Davies’ “Waterloo Sunset” in mind, the formula consists of 12 essential oils (the song is also played on a 12-string guitar) and the reverberating first chord provided the wave image for its design. As for the scent, it’s apparently derived from the inside of a sweet-smelling guitar case. Though, on sale at A.P.C. for a hefty $256, we might have to settle for sticking our heads in our band friends’ instrument holders for now. — refinery29.com

I currently own three guitar cases, one each for each bass.  Two of them — the Rickenbacker 4005 and the Guild Starfire — are relatively old, dating from 1967, so they have some mileage.  The third, a Gibson Ripper, is a decade younger.

jasminI’ve taken care of these instruments over the years, even after I stopped playing 3 hours a day (which I did for a long while).  They rarely went into the case dirty, and when they did, they weren’t in there long.  The cases themselves have been through all kinds of climate changes, from stifling automobiles to freezing basements and 3-digit humidity.

All that noted, none of these guitar cases have the kind of smell you’d want on your body unless you’re into stale mildew and rancid furniture polish.  I guess there’s such a thing as a “sweet-smelling guitar case,” but my guess it’s akin to that “new car smell,” and lasts about as long.  Then reality takes over.

It’s also worth noting that Waterloo Sunset (which is truly a great composition) contains the line, “Millions of people swarming like flies ‘round Waterloo Underground.” That conjures up a scent as well, yes?

I’ll stay with the stuff that smells like fresh-mowed lawn, thank you.  If I ever find it.

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7 Responses to Just In Case

  1. Kent Standit says:

    I get it that a guitar case probably doesn’t smell too good. But what about a drum set? After all, they have drumsticks, my favorite part of the turkey.

  2. NME says:

    Be sure that the guitar case in the photo has a lovely bouquet.

  3. Ghost of George Harrison says:

    I prefer the smell of that Norwegian wood …

  4. Ghost of Jimi Hendrix says:

    … wood? Purple Haze for me …

  5. Ghost of Janice Joplin says:

    Jimi, you are so damn predictable and you don’t learn …

  6. Open Mike says:

    Whoa — back up. You own a Rickenbacker 4005? I haven’t even seen one, let alone heard one played, since I saw the Cure in 1980 something.

  7. Mr Schwinnckle says:

    The first 2 are quite old from 1967? Hey Squatz FUCK YOU! I was born in 1967 and I am not that old. As for you, just remember your surprise birthday party that was at my house if you can remember that far back. Remember that old Schwinn Phantom sitting in the living room is as old as you are!

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