Captain Lou Albano

05_Flatbed_2 - OCTOBERAppears as though I stirred up some some trouble over at Rick’s American Bar and Grill, but hey — that’s what brogs are all about, light?

Anyway, if we’re talking about the dregs of the entertainment world like Flush Limbo and the NFL (Neanderthal Football League), maybe we need to raise the bar and note the passing of a Truly Class Act, bigger than life and three times as ugly.  Not to mention LOUD.

“Thank YOU, Mr. Acovado!”

Damn.  I miss him already.

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7 Responses to Captain Lou Albano

  1. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    No….thank YOU, Mr. Acovado!

  2. gwizzz says:

    No trouble. Just sensible debate. 🙂


  3. Hose B says:

    No no! Thank yew, Mister Acovado!

  4. Old Timer says:

    Total bummer. He was tremendous back when wrestling was fun, not complete crap.

  5. Key West Liam says:

    And may I just add, “No! Thank YOU Mr Acovado!”

  6. Lois Terms says:

    Excuse me, Old Timer, but just exactly when was it that wrestling wasn’t complete crap? I must have missed those 30 seconds.

  7. Cindi Lauper says:

    should’a been me . . .

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