Four More For History

Wow.  Quite a week.  And according to my hourglass, it ain’t over.

The highlight for me: my 126 year-old Phillies franchise evolved into their best incarnation ever.  Seems like only yesterday I was watching their very first game in an open field in Fairmount Park.  They lost.   But this week, the city and Phillyfan responded as only the City of Bodily Harm could:

The number of fans out Wednesday night has been nearly matched by the number of officers on patrol downtown after the Phillies’ 10-4 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. A dozen mounted police and dozens of officers in riot gear lined Broad Street downtown, and cross-street traffic has been closed on Broad Street.

phillies-body-paint-5Though last year’s celebrations following the National League Championship Series were mostly harmless, the city took extra precautions this year, going so far as to grease utility and light poles to dissuade would-be climbers.  The city also removed expensive new solar-powered trash cans from downtown sidewalks, and Mayor Michael Nutter urged fans to celebrate responsibly. The city asked some bars to serve drinks in plastic cups instead of glass.–

In South Philly, home to the ballpark and the birthplace of the cheese steak, there was no trouble obtaining ample supplies of grease.

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7 Responses to Four More For History

  1. Fearless Frank says:

    Solar powered trash cans? I’m speechless.

  2. Lu Senz says:

    The team’s power stats are impressive – 35 runs in 5 games should be enough to win a series, so long as the pitching is even barely adequate, and the Phillies’ pitching has been better than that. They trounced the Dodgers, and they got production from the whole line-up.

    Assuming the Yankees prevail (and everybody knows they will), this replay of 1950 could be an explosion of power, because the Yankees have the same kind of productivity. Furthermore, both ballparks are launching pads.

    Go Phillies. Go, National League.

  3. NicFitKid says:

    Solar powered compactors, Frank, they reduce the number of pickups needed compared to traditional city trash cans, so it saves fuel for city vehicles.

    Story and funny ribbon cutting ceremony picture here:
    Solar-powered trash crushers

  4. Fearless Frank says:

    Nicfitkid: Very interesting. They’re not just containers, they’re also compactors. It looks like an excellent way to dispose of body parts and unwanted house pets, not to mention raucus Phillies fans which I guess is the real reason why they were taken off the streets.

  5. Sharpshooter says:

    I think the Phillies will take the Series again. Then you have a reason to buy Guido a very nice present and give your redenck neighbour the middle finger. LOL.

  6. Squathole says:

    Sharpo: I ALWAYS have a reason to give that sack of sick the finger. After all, he’s still breathing. For Guido I reserve a different digit.

    (She’s out of town this week — in Philly, actually — and won’t read that.)

    This is the probably the best Phillies team in its 126 year history, and I think they’ll win as well, especially if the Yankees and Angels continue to beat each other up. I really want the Yankees to win, though, which would be a replay of the 1950 WS (where of course the Phillies lost).

  7. Spirit of Whitey Ashburn says:

    Forget all the baseball wisdom about how important pitching is in a short series. You have the #1 and #2 HR hitting teams in baseball playing each other in the #1 and #2 HR-hitting baseball parks.

    Get the married men off the field, Harry!

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