and don’t forget “Sal Boa, Floor Manager”

Soupy Sales died (died) this week.

His whacko comedy and slapstick shtick influenced many who followed, including Pee Wee Herman, Chevy Chase, and Joe Biden, as illustrated by the following anecdote:

But he almost blew it on New Year’s Day in 1965 when he had to vamp for a minute while producing a show for a New York affiliate. Sales told the kids watching to find their parents’ wallets and “get some of those funny green pieces of paper with all those nice pictures of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Alexander Hamilton” and mail them to him. He promised a postcard from Puerto Rico in return. When he repeated the gag in Los Angeles and Detroit, it led to a complaint from a viewer to the FCC that got Sales’ show suspended. After a flood of complaints about the cancellation, though, many of them from teenage fans of the program, the show was back on the air within a week. —

soupy_sales_5The other great Soupy Sales story (which may not have actually happened) concerns a gag he ran teaching his big dog White Fang to read.  He draws a capital F on the blackboard and asks White Fang what it is.  “K” says White Fang.  Sales erases the letter and tries again.  “K,” repeats White Fang.  They do this for another round, and Sales asks in exasperation, “How come every time I draw F, you see K?”

Again, that got him run for a while until his fans forced a comeback.

I don’t think a comback will happen this time, and not just because most his fans are old, dead, and senile.

R.I.P., Soupy, and that doesn’t spell “fuck.”

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6 Responses to and don’t forget “Sal Boa, Floor Manager”

  1. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    Soupy is survived by the biggest, meanest doggy in the whole wide world, who, when reached by telephone, commented “Bleahh? Bleahh, bleahhh bleahhh?!? Bleahhh, bleahhh, bleahhh, bleahhh-bleahhh!!!”

  2. CL Jahn says:

    20 years ago, I worked with Soupy Sales on a week long theme cruise. He was serving as Master of Ceremonies for a 50s-60s Rock N Roll Cruise.

    So I asked him about the story, and he confirmed that yes, they did the sketch.
    “Fang, why is it that when I write “F,” you see “K?”

    “We were bored,” he explained. “So we amused ourselves by seeing what we could slip by the censors.”

    He was a really sweet, nice guy.

  3. Hellooooooo, Big Eddie! says:

    Sal and I are doing fine, thanks.

    We’ll miss the guy /
    who caught the pie
    and kept the kids a-laughing.

  4. Sharpshooter says:

    wasn’t he the one who sang the song: Hey let’s do the mouse, yeah! Hey, you can do it in your house, yeah!?
    Was it Soupy Sales?

  5. *Rim Shot* says:

    Sharpshooter is correct. His one and only hit single.

    He also said, “Show me Lassie’s puppies eating cantaloupe. and I’ll show you a melon collie baby.”

    That earned him a pie in the face.

  6. Ted End says:

    I don’t get the joke about the dog getting the letter wrong. What’s so funny about F or K?

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