Oklahoma is not OK

If there’s one thing many conservatives solemnly agree on, it’s that “socialized medicine,” which hands life and death power to dumb-as-drool bureaucrats whose un-American lust for power and control stands for everything this country was founded to prevent, must be stopped or we open the door to a communistic takeover from within.

Yeah!  Holy Red Meat!  But Hello!  What’s this?

In May, Oklahoma state lawmakers approved a …..law requiring that abortion providers fill out a 10-page questionnaire for each procedure, and that details of abortions be posted on a public Web site.  Among other things, the intrusive questionnaire asks three dozen questions about the woman’s reasons for having an abortion, including details about her relationship with the father that the government has no business probing.

The law’s purpose is political. Its real aim is to persuade doctors to stop performing abortions by placing new burdens on their practice, to intimidate and shame women, and to stigmatize a legal medical procedure that one in three women have at some point in their lives. — NYTimes.com

donkeySounds like the lawmakers of this sublimely red state must have misplaced their tinfoil hats: they’re passing laws that shove government face first so far up into a patient’s body, all you see is rubber soled shoes protruding.  Fighting like true liberals, too, by ladling layers of government paperwork into the mix to build their bulwark.

Like the part about posting details on a website?  Why not photos or video clips?  I can see it now, some poor pregnant 14 year old Okie raped by her mutant HIV positive uncle explaining her reasons on camera for wanting to terminate the pregnancy.  Don’t forget to add a section for viewer comments.  Now, that’s entertainment!

So what happened to the conservative anthem of  smaller government, less intrusive government, government off our backs?  That flimsy foundation is blithely pushed aside by their overriding ideology, the deformed principle that controlling citizens’ morals — and this all about precisely that, with out-of-wedlock sex at its root — is the higher civic calling.  Like a stuffed toilet, the bible belt overflows with rotten with sanctimonious sacks of shit whose fetus-fondling fetish disguises their contempt for human beings, and goo-goo worship of Moral Order and Unthinking Obedience.

Ultimate irony: conservatives worry about government “death panels” established by so-called socialized medicine.  Yet here’s government ostensibly intruding to prevent killing and death, by their own warped understanding of abortion.  Damn fools can’t get anything right, not even their own lunacy.

Hmmm.  Perhaps conservatives in government is the reason conservatives distrust government.  By gum, they have a point.

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8 Responses to Oklahoma is not OK

  1. Dawgbowl says:

    Love the last paragraph.

  2. Ruh Roh says:

    Meat ! Meat! Bloody red Meat!

    Sometimes I wonder if pregnancy came about from something other than sex, would abortion be such a big deal to these so-called conservatives? What troubles them isn’t that a potential life is ended, it’s that two people has such a good time creating one.

    • Kim Chee says:

      Ruh Roh: That is very insightful. I have given much thought to issues of abortion and choice and the moral consequences of ending a life, but I never considered the motivation you suggest here. Thank you.

  3. 'nonymous says:

    What you liberals miss (as usual) is that this isn’t an about health care, it’s about human rights and protecting the unborn. Conservative thinkers don’t have a problem with the government protecting its citizens from violence, whether foreign or domestic — that’s why we have a military and police. Abortion is an example of domestic violence — an unborn child is murdered. Calling this a health care issue is as perverted as calling war a health care issue.

    • Hose B says:

      You’re dead wrong, ‘Nonymous. First of all, it’s a medical procedure, which makes it a health care issue. Second, if you’re invoking human rights, you need to include all the humans whose rights are at stake, like the pregnant ones. Third, abortion isn’t murder, no matter how many times you wingnut fundamentals say it is.

      Squathole has it exactly right – this is raw hypocrisy. You want big government when it suits you, you curse it when it doesn’t.

  4. Coat Hangers says:

    We think the law makes a lot of sense.

  5. Back Alleys says:

    Ditto Coat Hangers.

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