Shut Up and Eat

Marilyn Wann is an author and weight diversity speaker in Northern California who has a message for anyone making judgments about her health based on her large physique. “The only thing anyone can accurately diagnose by looking at a fat person is their own level of stereotype and prejudice about fat,” said Ms. Wann, a 43-year-old San Franciscan whose motto in life is also the title of her book: “Fat! So?”

“Basically,” Ms. Wann continued, “we want to be treated with respect the same as everyone else.”  — NYTimes

Fat is the new smoking.  And like anti-tobacco measures, now there are movements to make fat asses pay for their appetites: they’re “over-consumers of health care,” and inflate costs for those of us capable of pushing back from a dinner table before devouring everything on the plates including the patterns.


Dangers of the Garlic Diet

Extra weight brings with it an increased risk of chronic disease, medical experts say, and heavier people tend to have medical costs that are substantially higher than their leaner counterparts. As a result, Congress is considering proposals in the effort to overhaul health care that would make it easier for employers to use financial rewards or penalties to promote healthy behavior by employees, like weight loss.

How’s that for respect, Ms. Wann?  It’s about all I can muster for somebody who calls herself a “weight diversity speaker.”

But she’s small potatoes (heh) compared to these two:

Peggy Howell, the public relations director for the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, said she had been on the phone delivering her group’s message and answering more news media calls this year than ever before….The message is simple, she said: “We believe that fat people can eat healthy food and add movement to their lives and be healthy. And healthy should be the goal, not thin.”

The “National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.”  These are people who, unwilling or unable to shed excess poundage, go on the offense and cry discrimination.  Why haven’t they appeared on Orka Winfrey yet?  Seems she’d welcome them with open, flabby arms.

And now my favorite:

“I get so angry when I feel people pushing a weight-loss agenda,” said Linda Bacon, a nutrition professor at City College of San Francisco and author of “Health at Every Size,” a book published last year whose title has become the rallying cry of the fat pride community. “What we’re doing in public health care policy is harmful. We give a direct and clear message that there’s something wrong with being fat.”

That’s right, her name is Bacon and she represents the “fat pride community.”  If I could make up crap like this, people might actually read my blog.

Not every porker is unhealthy, just as not every slender body is healthy.  Not every smoker develops cancer or heart disease.  Not every sun freak grows skin cancer.  Not every newborn of an alcoholic suffers brain defects.  That’s not the point, and says nothing at all about the dangers of the practices and conditions.

dagwoodBut what cracks my aggots is the way these larded whiners wrap their avoirdupoidically challenged asses in the diapers of victimhood, and react by blaming the rest of the world for our insensitivity and unfounded bias.  Don’t talk while you’re eating, dammit.   Eat up and shut up!  Enjoy your food if that makes you happy, don’t whine about your waistline!  You hear people like me complaining just because our horns and tails make it tough to buy hats and pants?

I recommend we have them slaughtered, butchered, and pulped, then force-fed to bulimics.  Oh, excuse me: “the voluntarily nutritionally challenged.”

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12 Responses to Shut Up and Eat

  1. Kent Standit says:

    I hear you. Fat Acceptance — what’s next? Acne Embracing? Leper Lovers? Committee for the Protection of the Rights of the Terminally Flatulent? Oh wait, we already have that last one. It’s called Congress.

  2. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    Be careful, Squatty, because you are *this close* to a Hate Crime.

    While you were innocently voting Green, your progressive pals have managed to establish any number of protected groups (bad news: your narrow ass is not among them), and it’s a safe bet that the avoirdupois are as off-limits as harpooning a manatee.

    I mean that in a *good* way, of course.

  3. Key West Liam says:

    Tell us more about people like you “with horns and tails.”

    BTW I’m not fat.

  4. Ghost of Cass Elliot says:

    Where’s the rest of my ham sandwich?

  5. Ghost of Chris Farley says:

    You just don’t learn. Do you Cass?

  6. Ghost of Dom DeLuise says:

    Will the new bill cover gastric by-pass for all?

  7. 8 Bells says:

    Squatter you got more ghosts in this blog than my belfry has bats. BTW I’m not fat either.

  8. Libby Rae Shoen, Ph D says:

    Your remarks are as ignorant as they are insensitive, and state the case for movements such as the ones you deride. Treating large persons as evil or freakish isn’t any different than teasing disabled persons about their different physical characteristics, and just as mindless and cruel.

    My counseling practice specializes in weight and eating disorders. It is a recognized syndrome for which many successful treatments and approaches have been developed, all of which countenance the terrible effects of social ostracism, which both contributes to and perpetrates the damaging behavior.

    So congratulations, “Squathole,” for becoming a loud and loutish part of the problem.

  9. Diesel Fitter says:

    In the same way that smokers get pay a higher premium on their health insurance (or non-smokers get a break, either way), overweight people should be penalized as well. If we’re going to reward people for their healthier lifestyles, shouldn’t we be consistent?

    That’s the real issue, not the legions of apologists and enablers who seem to find their way into the limelight with their whining and professional outrage.

  10. Squathole says:

    Nice to hear from you again, Libby Rae.

    I agree I’m insensitive when provoked, but not ignorant. What is truly ignorant is the reflexive reaction on the part of what Diesel Fitter (great name — does everybody know the joke?) accurately identifies as the apologists and enablers like yourself who cash in on the predictable backlash of a society of self-identified victims.

    Stop telling people to accept their weakness, and it’s okay to pursue self-destructive behavior. They’re grossly mistaken in their reaction — and “professionals” like yourself exacerbate their error. Unlike disabled persons, their situation is largely voluntary — yes, there are exceptions — so the only legitimate outrage they harbor would be self-directed.

    Or as Yogi might say, They buttered their bread, now lay in it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Three out-of-work Polish friends went to the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw to apply for work in Canada. The Canadian customs agent said, “I’m sorry, but Canadian immigration will only allow experienced people into Canada. Please enter my office one at a time and tell me your profession.”

    The first Pole entered the room and said that he was a crotch maker, to which the customs agent replied, “I’m sorry, but we do not require crotch makers in Canada.”

    The second Pole walked into the room and stated that he was a stitcher-upper, which the customs agent again replied that there was no work for such a “profession” in Canada.

    The third Pole proudly stepped into the room, walked up to the customs agent and said that he was a diesel
    fitter. Looking through a list of approved professions, the customs agent replied to the Pole, “Yes, since there are many categories of diesel workers in Canada, you are welcome to enter our country – congratulations!”

    When the first two Poles heard about the success of the third Pole, they stormed back to the customs agent and demanded to know why, since all 3 Poles had worked at the same factory, they weren’t all chosen. The customs agent carefully looked through his list of approved professions, and once again concluded that only the diesel fitter qualified for work in Canada.

    To clear up the confusion, the customs agent asked each Pole to detail their work experience. The first Pole explained that he was the first in the assembly line – he made crotches for pantyhose
    . The second Pole then took the pantyhose from the first Pole and stitched the crotch together. Then it was passed to the third Pole who placed the pantyhose on a hanger and proudly declared, “diesel fitter!”

  12. Squathole says:

    Good job, Anonymous! Thanks.

    And I hope we hear again from Diesel Fitter.

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