Sauce for the Goose

Since retiring from the House in 2003, [Dick] Armey, like legions of other former elected officials, has burrowed into Washington’s establishment, never fully returning home to his 89 acres north of Dallas, his “ranchette,” as he calls it. For most of the last half-dozen years, he has worked in the lobbying shop of the giant law firm DLA Piper while also serving as chairm an of FreedomWorks, a nonprofit organization that in 2008 paid him $550,000.

alinsky1Armey and his organization have operated nimbly, seeding and supporting protests against policies of the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress while taking care not to be seen as controlling the dissent from on high. The march on Sept. 12 was largely organized by FreedomWorks, which secured the permits and opened the podium to a range of speakers — including those from the like-minded but separate Tea Party movement.

FreedomWorks staff members have been studying the tactics of Saul Alinsky, the community organizer from Chicago whose thinking has influenced, among many others, Barack Obama. Adam Brandon, who accompanied Armey in North Carolina and is the press secretary for FreedomWorks, told me he was excited by the prospect of more direct action — like that undertaken by antiwar demonstrators in the ’60s or, more recently, anti-abortion and other social conservatives.  —NY Times

Would that be the same Saul Alinsky, whose name was breathlessly linked to candidate Obama’s by Wingnut Nation to prove the Dems had fallen in thrall to a commie leftwing American-hating radical?  I guess it’s okay, though, if Dick Armey and his acolytes study their new master’s texts on community organizing and motivating political actions.  It doesn’t mean anything when THEY do it.  I guess.

Funny.  This was mentioned in a short article in last Sunday’s NY Times Magazine.  Did anybody see anything about this on Faux news?

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6 Responses to Sauce for the Goose

  1. Ghost of Saul Alinsky says:

    Capitalist pigs!

  2. Fearless Frank says:

    The right wing of the Republican Party has become a laughingstock, which probably means they’ll do better in the next election than they did in the last one. Everybody loves a clown, you know.

  3. Dawgbowl says:

    I don’t remember Dick “Salvation” Armey saying anything in defense of Alinsky when his party was invoking him, trying to slime Obama during the campaign. No, it’s all in the day’s work of a a character assassin.

  4. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    Ha, ha. Progressives.
    They’re so cute when they uncover hypocrisy.

    Obama’s czars have praised mass-murderer Mao, and dog-bowel is worked up because Armey sees something of value in Alinsky’s book?

    If it helps, here’s Armey as quoted in the Financial Times: “What I think of Alinsky is that he was very good at what he did but what he did was not good.”


    And, Squatty…your big stack of unread NYT magazine sections is unread for a *reason*.
    Leave them be, and go sit in the sun with a nice beer, whydontcha?

  5. Beardsley says:

    Ya’gotta’guessit: That you agree it’s hypocrisy at all puts you ahead of the loudmouths whipping up the radio audiences who for months went on and on about Obama and Alinsky, guilting him by association.

    That quote from Armey about Alinsky is right on target, and could no doubt be applied to just about everybody, perhaps even Mao.

    As for hypocrisy itself, isn’t that just another way of pronouncing the word “politics?”

  6. Bill Ayers says:

    This settles it as far as I’m concerned. Dick Armey is a communist.

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