Straight White Atheist Man Casts First Stone

City Councilman Cecil Bothwell of Ashville…. does not believe in God. His political opponents say that is a sin that makes him unworthy of office.

One opponent, H. K. Edgerton, is threatening to file suit against the city to challenge Mr. Bothwell’s swearing in. “My father was a Baptist minister,” Mr. Edgerton said. “I’m a Christian man. I have problems with people who don’t believe in God.” Mr. Edgerton is a local civil rights leader and founder of Southern Heritage 411, an organization that promotes the interests of black Southerners. NYTimes

The obvious for Mr. Edgerton is, What would Jesus do?  But we can guess what his answer would be, so we might have to try something more subtle, like suggesting he take his brainless bigotry to hell where it belongs.

The news article goes on to explain that even though the North Carolina constitution prohibits non-believers from holding public office  — presumably philandering lowlifes like John Edwards are okay —  the United States Supreme Court reaffirmed that federal law prohibits states from requiring any kind of religious test for officeholders back in 1961.

Leave aside the law for a moment.  What kind of dipshit construes America as a place where an individual’s religion is anybody else’s business?  Answer: the kind that arrogantly labels the United States “a Christian nation,” and justifies all sorts of bias and thuggery using that rationale.  Step to the back of the church.

This is the second time this week I’ve come across gross bigotry and ignorance practiced by African-American Christians.  The first was in Houston, where an openly gay candidate for mayor was vilified by a group of Black clergymen on the basis of her sexual orientation.

[I]n the final week of the campaign, [Annise] Parker’s sexuality emerged as an issue. A group of black pastors spoke out against Ms. Parker because of what they called her gay agenda. On Monday, [opposition candidate Gene] Locke, who is black, came under fire after the revelation that two members of his finance committee made $20,000 donations to the political action committee of Stephen Hotze, an anti-gay advocate.  – NYTimes

Lawdy lawdy I’m getting old.  I remember a time when Black churches led the way for social change, preaching from pulpits and taking to the streets for civil rights, peace, equal representation, justice, fair wages, etc.  I looked up to and worked side by side with some of these brave souls, a few of whom had their heads cracked by Philadelphia cops under the direction of Frank Rizzo, who used to brag about it (he actually saw the light and came around later, but not before bloodying his nightstick).  Now they’re sounding like a pack of redneck Republican wingnuts on the radio.  Is the world upside down again?

Merry Christmas, you chancel-prancing bible harpies.  You’re not only disgracing the collars you wear and the faith of your fathers, your’re thumbing your nose at the leadership you’ve poached and corrupted.   I don’t know what Jesus would say or do, but somewhere Martin Luther King is weeping.

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12 Responses to Straight White Atheist Man Casts First Stone

  1. Al Bino says:

    I don’t care how back-asswards and conservative these coloreds are. I’m not letting them into MY country club.

  2. NME says:

    There’s always been a socially conservative sector in the black church, based on the same we/they prejudice that favored lighter over darker-skinned Africans. Of course it’s self-hatred, but they don’t see it that way. Similarly, by condemning people who don’t believe in their God, or have the same sexual orientation they have, they believe climb put to a superior moral pedestal. I find it more laughable than hurtful, although I guess it’s not Christian to laugh at other people’s ignorance.

  3. Neil, A Christian Soul says:

    Once more you side with devils against the Lord and His moral laws, which are superior to man’s and must take precedence. You’re going to hell.

  4. Rev Wright says:

    Gawd DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamN America!

  5. Anal Roberts says:

    Please, please send me money or I will DIE!

  6. Jimmy Swaggart says:

    I have SINNED!

  7. Jerry Falwell's Ghost says:

    Y’all colored folks are so prejudiced …

  8. Manual Override says:

    There’s just no satisfying you white liberals. When the Rev Wrights in the world go their own way, you abandon them, and when the clergy you complain about here go their own way, you say they’ve abandoned you.

    Haven’t black people got enough to worry about without making nice to the gay community?

    Besides, it’s all about getting elected. Lock gambled on getting enough anti-gay vote to put him over the top. Whatever he really thinks and believes is irrelevant.

  9. Taliban says:

    “I have problems with people who don’t believe in God.”

    Our type of guy.

  10. Jerry Falwell's Ghost says:

    Hey, Anal Roberts just showed up! Guess no one sent him any moolah!

  11. Living Will says:

    The black community’s discomfort with gay issues helps explain Obama’s less-than-enthusiastic support for them, in striking contrast to his stance on other traditional liberal matters. Politics sucks. Here’s a depressing thought: By the time he’s through, his record will reveal him to be a moderate.

  12. Jesus Christ says:

    What a bag of assholes. It’s times like this I wonder, What would Nelson Mandela do? I suppose I could go ask him.

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