A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Bottles

Thoughts and a photo, none original.

“I don’t mind Baptists. I just wish they’d keep ‘em under water a little longer.”Kinky Friedman, as Kinky Friedman.

Careful on the roads.  Even when they’re not slippery, the drivers are.

Sunscreen before, moisturizer after.

Never steal anything small, and get a fair cut when selling your soul.

Don’t open the door to Kent Standit.

Build it hot in the fireplace.  Rumors are that the government took over Santa Claus’ operation.

The Christmas tree’s been drinking, not me.


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4 Responses to A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Bottles

  1. Ms Calabaza says:

    Have a great holiday Squatty and Guido … 🙂

    • S & G says:

      Thanks, Ms C and back atcha up there in the snowy, um, mid-Atlantic! Miss your cyberspacial presence, and always glad to see its ghost around these haunts.

  2. Kent Standit says:

    Silly pecker. My cave doesn’t HAVE a door.

  3. Mr Schwinnckle says:

    Merry Torquing Christmas! If this damn phone would stop ringing, I could get some cooking and baking done for tomorrow! My mom, my kid, Guido…. does it ever end?

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