What Would Jesus Aim?

Leonard Pitts did a very good job covering this story in the Sunday Hurled, better than the one I had started last week, but I’m gonna shove my two cents in anyway.

[Glyn] Bindon, who lost his life in a 2003 plane crash, was the founder of Trijicon, a Michigan company that has a $600 million contract to provide gun sights to the U.S. military. Apparently he had a policy, which survived him, of inscribing coded references to Bible verses on the gun sights he manufactured for high-powered rifles used by U.S. service personnel. So that, for instance, one sight is marked, 2COR4:6, i.e., 2 Corinthians 4:6: “God said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness.’ He made his light shine in our hearts. It shows us the light of God’s glory in the face of Christ.”

Tom Munson, a Trijicon executive, told ABC there was nothing wrong or illegal about the inscriptions and noted pointedly that the issue was being raised by a group (presumably meaning the Muslims who have complained) that is “not Christian.” On Thursday, the company agreed to discontinue the practice.

This is wrong on many levels (as Pitts masterfully enumerates), including the one that goes unsaid: it’s guaranteed  that a whole lot of American conservatives not only think there’s nothing wrong with this, but hail this policy as patriotic, morally justified, and a damn good idea.  What better way to combine your conviction that this Christian nation of ours is at war with Islamofascism, and to honor God by smiting His unholy enemy in the service of America’s military?  Basically, by blessing and sanctifying its weapons, Trijicon is performing evangelical work here.

Only an America-hating, flower sniffing, Birkenstock wearing  liberal would see it otherwise.  Surrender-monkeys, squeamish about defending this great nation, incapable of recognizing that this is a holy war we’ve got here, and the way to win is to make sure the enemy understands that we’re not only the good guys, but our religion is better, too.

I assume “the company agreed to discontinue the practice” because it wanted to preserve the contract.   Praising god is important, but they have a business to run.

One of the great hypocrisies that coats conservative dogma like mold on bad cheese is its stated conviction that respect for the rights of individuals is predominant while blithely accepting religious intrusion into individuals’ lives.  It’s a cavernous blind spot in their balsa wood platform.  The US military is not the Salvation Army.  A soldier’s oath is to the Constitution, not the ten commandments.  Public schools are not bible study classes.  The bedrooms of consenting adults are not appropriate venues for unwanted prayer meetings, and a fetus in not an opportunity for chancel-prancing zealots to sermonize.

Ramming religion – any religion — down the craw of a nation’s citizens is exactly the wrong way to demonstrate respect for individual freedom.  If that’s conservatism, deal me out.

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7 Responses to What Would Jesus Aim?

  1. 'Nonymous says:

    You got one thing right in this ignorant rant: in fact there are a whole lot of people who find nothing wrong with this and approve of the company’s spirit and policy. Whether you like it or not, this is a Christian nation and it’s under siege by savages who are decidedly NOT Christian. Nobody’s ramming religion down YOUR throat — maybe somebody should but that’s another story — but sure as hell we’re going to ram it down the throats of our enemies trying to murder our way of life.

  2. Neil, a Christian soul says:

    You’re going to hell.

  3. Dawgbowl says:

    Wow. I was with you until I read ‘Nonymous’s brilliant argument, and he convinced me. I see now that the one way America can maintain its moral and military superiority over the rest of the world is to force Christianity on not just on our enemies, but our non-believing citizens, too. I’m certain that’s what Washington, Hamilton, Franklin etc. would have wanted, and had in mind when they set the original rules and regs.

    That’s what Jesus was about, too. No way the Romans would have nailed him up if he and his buds had American-made AK47’s. If only.

  4. Lois Terms says:

    Gun Control Means Jesus Aims Your Shots

  5. Dick Cheney says:

    Arrgh, Go F*^K yourself.

  6. NASCAR Organization says:

    This is completely insensitive. They should have to pay for advertising just like everyone else. It works for us.

  7. Red White & Blue says:

    You’re so way wrong. What’s the POINT of being serious about your religion if you don’t think (a) it’s the only true and right one, and (2) it’s your DUTY to convert everybody, even if you have to kill them trying?

    If you haven’t got that much confidence in your religion, maybe you should consider pantheism, paganism, or snake worship.

    This gunmaker has the right idea. He’s a true patriot, a good Christian, and a smart businessman. Maybe this makes no sense to a liberal pantywaist like you. but any Rotary Club in the country would be proud to have him as a member.

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