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They’re muttering terms like “domestic terrorist” in the case of Andrew Joseph Stack, the software engineer and musician who flew his small aircraft into an IRS building.  He’s being called “mentally unstable,” and “obviously disturbed.”

Years of aggravation with the IRS, and now facing financial ruination, he’d had enough.  Rather than pay the piper, he crashed it into them.

Other than Stack, two people were injured in the incident.  While it isn’t easy to feel bad for your average IRS drone, largely unsympathetic bureaucrats with enviable paychecks, benefits, and retirement benefits the rest of the country helps pay for (my father was an IRS agent for 33 years), it’s always tragic when innocent bystanders suffer from the violent antics of others.  But other than these folks, I find this incident rather uplifting.

Basically, Stack struck a blow in the name of restoring reason, urging justice and fairness, and most of all, ACCOUNTABILITY.  It is this last item horribly absent from every level of government, particularly the faceless and mind-numbing IRS, where its capacity to ruin individuals’ lives is passed off as “professionals just doing their jobs.”

Read this and tell me how crazy you think Stack is (was).  Highlights:

In his suicide note, the computer software engineer who flew a small plane into a building with Internal Revenue Service offices in Texas on Thursday cited a 1986 tax law as a major motivation for his action

“This law has ruined many people’s lives, hurt the technology industry, and discouraged the creation of small, independent businesses critical to a thriving domestic economy,” [Harvey J.} Shulman, [a Washington attorney representing the industry] said in an interview Thursday. “That the law still exists — even after its original sponsors called for its repeal and unbiased studies proved it unfairly targeted a tax-compliant industry — shows just how dysfunctional and unresponsive Democratic and Republican Congresses and our political system have been, even on relatively simple issues.”

Seventy senators, ranging from Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, to Jesse Helms, Republican of North Carolina….signed a letter calling for repeal.

Accountability.  This poor sap gets screwed by a misbegotten law that nobody wants and nobody does anything about despite 25 years of talk.  What’s he supposed to do, bend over and smile? Whose door can he knock on for help, and why does he have to abide by such maniacal constraints?

If there’s a kernel of truth in the paws Tea Party bozos, it’s that our leaders’ accountability for their actions to their constituents is woefully unenforced.  If people have to die to sacrifice themselves to make this point, those people are displaying more moral responsibility than the cowardly Congress they’re defying.

You could even think of that burning building in Austin as a burning bush (lower case be.)

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9 Responses to Orbit Obit

  1. Ray Ed Gneck says:

    Nobody likes the IRS, okay? I’ve fought the bastards for years, and so have thousands of Americans, maybe more. That’s not a good reason to do what this nutbag did. If you rhink it is, maybe they took out part of your brain when you had your ass surgery or whatever it was.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The IRS, an insitutuion supporting a tax system which we are all forced to pay lest we gain their never ending wrath, blows.

    And not just because I have to pay it. I do pay it, but its wrong! That’s because it allows the pigs to be in charge of the trough. Without taxes, how would our Congress get the health benefits formerly reserved for Sultans and Kings.

    Sorry for the two who were hurt in Texas . I am , but they’re all part of system pushing people to the brink. And that ain’t funny!

  3. Lois Terms says:

    If you think this crackpot’s murderous mission will have ANY impact on the IRS, the government, or even the regulation that drove him over the edge, you’re as batty as he is. Was.

  4. Esq, A Lawyer says:

    I’m not a tax lawyer, but perhaps the IRS would advise whether his estate will be able to deduct the cost of the destroyed aircraft as a business expense. Or maybe a charitable deduction.

  5. CL Jahn says:

    Luckily, he didn’t kill the hundreds of innocent people that were in that building. Everyone who says anything postive about this idiot is ignoring the fact that there were likely other “victims” being audited when he committed his act of terrorism.

    Stack is no hero, he’s a gutless coward who compounded the mess he left his family to clean up.

    • Anonymous says:

      CL Jahn: I’ve been over my head and against the wall with the IRS, facing fines and even jail time for what turned out to be absolutely nothing at all. It cost me 7 years and thousands of dollars in accountants and attorneys fees, cost me my marriage and brought on diabetes. Dealing with those people was worse than getting waterboarded. The frustration and fury are impossible to imagine. This was 15 years ago and I’m still mad.

      I’m damned sure that I’m not the only one with a story like this.

      So this poor dead man is MY hero. Whatever else he is, he isn’t a coward. I wish I’d had the guts to do what he did. Thanks to what happened to me, I’m scared even to put a name on this comment.

  6. Pepe says:

    In Hialeah we call that being a come mierda

  7. CL Jahn says:

    Imagine that you were in the middle of the mess from 15 years ago when some asshole crashed into the room where you’re have the audit, and sends you into the hospital with a missing leg and burns over 60% of your body, destroys half your paperwork, and on top of that, you have to go BACK to complete the audit while you’re in rehab for the burns.
    If that’s your idea of heroic, then you’re a sick man.

  8. Ruh Roh says:

    Great God he looks like Eric Clapton.

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