Bound for Glory

Hey – I’m as fond of lesbian bondage as the next drooling pervert with  her hand in her pants, but I don’t know about spending damn near $2,000 to see it up close as personal.  Unless, of course, it’s somebody else’s money:

Allison Meyers, the director of the Young Eagles, a Republican program aimed at wooing donors under 45 years old to the GOP cause, was fired as a result of the strip-club scandal that has embroiled the party this week, according to media reports.  The Republican National Committee reimbursed about $2,000 in expenses rung up by the Young Eagles at a Hollywood nightclub featuring topless dancers and bondage outfits. Ms. Meyers allegedly approved the expense.

The conservative website “The Daily Caller” first reported that the RNC’s February financial disclosure statement included a $1,946 reimbursement to a California consultant for “meals” at the risqué nightclub. The financial report also disclosed the party had spent $17,514 for private jets, $12,691 on limousines, and $19,016 at the posh W Hotel in Washington.   — Christian Science Monitor

What is the matter with these people?  I can’t believe they fired her.  Other than appeals to raw racism and class hatred, what better way to lure under-45 conservative voters to the party?

Besides, it was donors’ money.  Anybody with a grain of sophistication understands that a “donating” to a political organizations is nothing more than paying a bribe to a pack of prostitutes.  When they actually believe consistent with that understanding, where’s the beef?  It’s like getting a dog and beating it for barking – that’s what they do.

The experts figure this will hurt the ‘Pubs efforts to recruit Tea Partiers:

“Tea party groups have intentionally kept their distance from establishment Republicans,” [Reid] Wilson, [of the blog Hotline on Call]  says. “The revulsion with Washington that tea party followers feel is aimed at Republicans as well as Democrats, and people – including Tea Party activists – are only going to be more angry with the GOP because of this frivolous spending.”

Professor [Larry] Sabato agrees. “For the tea party voters, this just confirms their view that both parties are corrupt and on the wrong track. Since about 9 out of 10 tea party voters normally lean Republican, this obviously hurts the GOP more.”

If that’s true, the Tea Party crowd is a herd of asshats.  (Okay – they’re a herd of asshats even if that isn’t true, too, but play the game a moment longer.)  They’re denying the obvious: that those who are drawn to politics are the foul and the flawed, drunk on the scent of power, corruption incarnate.  They see nothing wrong with doing whatever they please with their ill-gotten gains, and innocent naïf’s put off by their amoral actions deserve the heartbreak and letdown they’ll get every time.

Not me!  I find this very affirming.   I wonder if there any Young Eagle recruiters in my neighborhood.

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14 Responses to Bound for Glory

  1. Rosie O'Donnell says:

    that’s just one reason why I HATE Republicans.

  2. Donald Trump says:

    Rosie, you have everyone because you’re fat and ugly. Squathole, good post as usual. Politicians, you need to USE

  3. Donald Trump says:

    meant to say *HATE* everyone.

  4. Missing Lincoln says:

    Point of Fact: Tea Partiers have no aversion to girl-on-girl action.

    See Wrestling, Mud.

    However, they do prefer their velvet on the wall, not on a swing.

  5. Mumblety Peg says:

    Men are such pigs.

    • Hose B says:

      What men, Peg? The lesbians on stage, or the committee woman who organized the visit with misappropriated money to see them? I think YOU’RE the pig. Peg.

  6. Paradise Island Bureau of Tourism says:

    Book this week and save 25%! Special rates for Republicans under age 45. Unaccompanied ladies drink free.

  7. I too wrote on this topic today , but mine is much more funny and clever. Obviously.

    and mine’s bigger too.

    As I wrote , when a Republican fund raiser knocks on your door…don’t give money…thay have plenty of that….give vaseline.

  8. It’s nice to see it was good old fashioned hetero lesbo action from the GOP for a change!

  9. anonymous says:

    Why don’y you mention anything about the Democratic congressman who claim that too many soldiers stationed in Guam would sink the island into the ocean? I bet if he was a Repub you would have ran all over yourself to write about it. Why are you ignoring this idiot’s massive stupidity? This would have been perfect for your blog, wouldn’t it?

    • squathole says:

      Sure would have been perfect, anonymous (and next time, please provide a link, OK?). I hadn’t seen it until you brought it to my attention. What a maroon — and he claimed he was “obviously joking.” Watching the clip, that wasn’t obvious to me.

      I guess you missed the jabs I’ve thrown at ‘Crats like Biden and Gore. Well, you see what you want to, I guess.

      Only thing this joker didn’t ask is if he can see Russia from Guam.

  10. NicFitKid says:

    Herd of asshats? Love it! Is there a career opportunity to be exploited there?

    Would love to speak in a slow drawl, spit, and explain to some dude from back east about the time I drove a herd of asshats from Wichita to Cheyenne.

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