It’s 5:00 Right Here! on Earth Day Eve

Today – Wednesday – promises to be a Very Good Day.  At 4 this afternoon I will wander into the appropriate office at work and sign papers effecting my separation from my job.

It’s not quite a resignation, nor is it a dismissal.  I could remain, but the circumstances would be unacceptable.  I’m a nonprofit executive with advanced skills who was hired to perform certain duties that require a level of cooperation and communication that has not been forthcoming, and clearly, after two years, won’t ever happen.  We all know it.  Say good-bye, and wish me well.

I am promised a generous separation package that includes medical coverage, which, under the circumstances, is vital.  Which means that by  5:00 today, it’ll be 5:00 for 5 months.  🙂

So while this is not a “Take This Job and Shove It” moment, it nevertheless feels pretty good.  The worst part is saying good-bye to many colleagues with whom I got along very well, some of whom I’ll remain in contact with.

I’ve been off since Thursday of last week, sending emails to everybody, all of whom begin by questioning my sanity.  This is not a good job market for non-profit people, I’m not 30 years old anymore, and did I forget that I was just diagnosed with freaking cancer?

Actually, the diagnosis is a major factor in my decision.  The stress level at work, the ongoing frustration, the sense every day that I’m unproductive, wasting my time, and in a very real sense stealing money from the people who pay me….these are real bad thoughts to tote around, and combine to severely impede my capacity to cope.  One’s mental state plays a big role in one’s physical well being.  I read that somewhere.

No, I won’t identify, let alone bad-mouth the employer – I haven’t even alluded to that entity in this blog over the 2+ years I’ve worked there, abandoning the other blog because it named me and I never wanted the association to be made – nor will I bitch about my disappointment (or speculate about theirs).  Burning your britches behind you only blisters your ass.  All of us have better things to do, and look forward to achieving what we can.

So tonight, I’ll treat myself to a weekday shot of celebratory tequila, and tomorrow, I’ll go to the beach, maybe drop in on Tanya Hyde and the Tanorexics for some reorientation.  The sun is strong, and life is short.  I read that somewhere, too.

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8 Responses to It’s 5:00 Right Here! on Earth Day Eve

  1. Yono Senada says:

    Welcome to my world! You made the right decision; all that crap will only give you prostate cancer … er, uhm, well, make it worse.

    Call me, I’ll meet you at the bitch!

  2. Let me see if I understand, now you’ll be productive during the day. Am I correct?

    Anyways we wish you well from Massachusetts where the the sun is never strong but life is still short.

    Bess Wishes

  3. Tanya Hyde says:

    Any time, Squat — the beach is always here, and TA is on it whenever the sun is out. Don’t worry about the job — the only work most of my folks do is generate pigment. Is that the reorientation you’re looking for?

    Bring Yono! Sounds like we have a candidate!

  4. Flaming Yon says:

    Do I read this right? You left a well-opaying job at a time like this on principle? You could have stayed but would have to work less? Either you’re an iidiot or a bullshitter. 🙂

  5. alesh says:

    Clearly not a job in which anyone can retain their sanity. Which, frighteningly enough, makes me suspect that maybe you too were once sane. Nah.

    • Squathole says:

      At best I plead temporary sanity. But I’m better now.

      Say — aren’t you the guy who used to have a local blog?

      • alesh says:

        Shit… Threaded comments, calendar widget, email notifications of comment followups… How big is the IT department for this operation?

  6. I love the clock. I need to get one of those.

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