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Sword and Scandal

Happy Memorial Day. On this day of tribute to Veterans, let’s pay special tribute to two prominent Americans whose outrageous lies regarding their military service pays testifies to their complete lack of integrity, and identifies them as perfect candidates for … Continue reading

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Dear Fellow Phillies Fans: I remember Jim Bunning’s Perfect Game in 1964.  The footnote to that one is, Tony Taylor saved it…..he made a spectacular play at second base that made it possible.  Moral: You don’t have a perfect game … Continue reading

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Fat Chance

Hooters was sued today in Michigan for allegedly violating a state law that bars discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, age, sex, height and, yes, weight. Cassandra Marie Smith, 20, alleges in her complaint that she began working at … Continue reading

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El Oh El Ay

We’re back from Key West, and we’re shot to shit.  This was, after all, a designated birthday weekend (the actual date is today), and it’s a big one.  How big?  Well, here’s my story: Guido and I are doing the … Continue reading

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I posted something here this week. Not only that, but thanks to this testosterone-suppressing medication, I’m actually having hot flashes.  As in, Men-o-Pause.   I wonder how many other people sit in front of the ball game drinking a beer, smoking … Continue reading

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If You Dig It They Will Come

Here’s a comedy of errors featuring a long-dead body, two angry siblings, a litigious insurance company, and the Iowa Court of Appeals. The siblings of a man who died more than a year ago must exhume his body so his … Continue reading

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Eye Eye, Captain

Even though Guido and I aren’t going to Key West until Friday,  our heads are already there.   We love Key West. The one thing that KW has emphasized recently – it’s on the wane, thankfully – is this fascination with … Continue reading

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