If You Dig It They Will Come

Here’s a comedy of errors featuring a long-dead body, two angry siblings, a litigious insurance company, and the Iowa Court of Appeals.

The siblings of a man who died more than a year ago must exhume his body so his head can be cut off and cryogenically frozen.

In 2004, Orville Richardson paid Alcor Life Extension Foundation $53,500 to have his head placed in cryonic suspension after his death.  When he died at age 81 in 2009, his brother and sister had him buried instead, having told him earlier they would not comply with his plan, court records show.  Alcor learned of Richardson’s death two months later, when his brother asked for the $53,500 back.

Instead of just refusing to refund the money (it was the family’s fault the company couldn’t keep its end of the bargain), Alcor sued to exhume the body. The request was denied, but the Iowa Court of Appeals reversed the decision.  It said the lower court should have granted Alcor’s request because the siblings ignored their brother’s request.  The deadline on that request, however, had long expired.

Alcor’s Web site states: “The purpose of cryonics is to maintain life, not reverse death.”  —herald.net

Got it?  Brother and Sis ignore their idiot sibling and his damn fool cryogenic crap and bury his dead ass the way civilized people should.  Then they call up the insurance company and demand their money back.  You know already that’s not gonna happen.  Insurance companies don’t give your money back once you hand it over, they hire people to find reasons not to and wait you out until you keel over, broke and disgusted.  That’s how they operate.

But Alcor gets aggressive here.  They want Orville back up on this side of the grass so they can cut off his head and sink it in cryogenic ice as prescribed by their policy.  Maybe they lose in the lower court, but they’re patient, so a year goes by, and they win on appeal.

Well, great.  Now what?  What’s left of that head is no longer ready for prime time.  Is it the ruling of the court that they go ahead (sorry) with this gory exhumation anyway?  Followed by their cryogenic worst?

Start digging up your Field of Dreams, Bro and Sis.  This is Big Insurance you’re taking on here.  A deal is a deal.  You two blew this big time, and went off and made it worse by demanding the money back.  Now you don’t have the money, you won’t have a grave,  and Orville won’t even have a complete skeletal frame, let alone a chance to wake up in a thousand years to shake hands with with his descendants.

The moral here is obvious.  Quit While You’re A Head.

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5 Responses to If You Dig It They Will Come

  1. Orville is going get a job in post life as the reservation manager at an Iowa resort. They’re asking all guests to please be sure and ‘dial ahead for a reservation”.

  2. Ted Williams says:

    Family members can’t be trusted in matters like this.

  3. Kim Chee says:

    So wrong-headed (te he). Cryogenic preservation shows a person’s despair and lack of spiritual enlightenment. Life is now.

  4. Diesel Fitter says:

    Better title: “Head for the Hills.”

  5. One Man's Opinion says:

    Just one correction here….Alcor Life Extension Foundation is not an insurance company. However I’m sure they operate the same way…..money in, no money out.

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