Fat Chance

Hooters was sued today in Michigan for allegedly violating a state law that bars discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, age, sex, height and, yes, weight.

Cassandra Marie Smith, 20, alleges in her complaint that she began working at a Hooters in 2008. At the time, she weighed 145 pounds.  In a performance evaluation this month, she claims, restaurant management advised her “to join a gym in order to improve herself and her ability to fit into the extra small-sized uniform. “The official uniform for Hooters waitresses, she claims, comes in 3 sizes: extra extra small, extra small, or small. ”

Smith alleges she was advised to sign an agreement placing her on a 30 day “weight probation” as a condition of retaining her employment. She was 5’8 and 132.5 pounds at the time of the evaluation.

Smith claims she was unable to return to Hooters after the humiliation of being put on weight probation. She seeks in excess of $25,000 along with an injunction against the company. – Wall Street Journal

“Weight probation.”  Because what goes up doesn’t necessarily come down.

I can imagine sitting in Hooters, eyeing her cottage-cheese thighs as she straddles the table, then passing on the onion rings.  That’s not just a turn-off, it’s bad for business.

This is a no-brainer.  I side with Hooters on this one.  The people who would claim they go to Hooters for the food are descendants of the same shit-shovelers who said they purchases Playboy for the in-depth sports coverage.  You go for the show, the eye candy with your burgers.  Lard ass wait staff need not apply.  There’s always Checkers, Olive Garden, and biker bars, where excess flesh is admired (particularly when tattooed and/or pierced).

Did she think Hooters was all about owls, not areolas?

Shallow?  Discriminatory?  Mean-spirited?  Okay.  But that’s the cost (and privilege) of doing business.  In that establishment, where it’s just as important to stimulate customers’ libidinous juices as their salivary glands, a fat waitress is as off-putting as a roach leg in the salsa.   It’s the same reason ugly lumpy people don’t model clothing, and short men don’t get elected.  In lots of businesses, looks count   If you don’t like it, go work for the post office.

Did I mention my barber is bald as Sinead O’Conner?  However, he lets his clipers do the whining.

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10 Responses to Fat Chance

  1. Mumblety Peg says:

    Men are such pigs.

  2. Joe Balls says:

    The accuracy of the sign is directly proportional to its bearer.

    And the angle of the dangle is directly proportional to the heat of the meat.

    I love Hooters, by the way. Great wings, scrumptious thighs, and succulent breasts.

  3. this is just SO WRONG.

  4. I don’t care if you DIDN’T ask for my opinion either.

  5. Jack Spratt says:

    I love fat women!

  6. Hose B says:

    If you have big boobs you work at Hooters. If you have one leg you work at IHOP.

  7. NicFitKid says:

    Hate to quibble over details, but if the article is accurate about her height/weight (5’8″, 142 to 132.5 lbs), that means her BMI has gone from 21.6 to 20.1.

    25 and up is overweight, less than 18.5 is underweight. So the question is, just how emaciated do you have to be to work at Hooters?

    • Anonymous says:

      Weight Isn’t everything in looks sir. Even if you have average weight for your height if your body fat percentage is too high you’ll look fat.

      • Piles says:

        In fact, it’s all about looks, not stats. Some heavier people can pull it off and look damn hot. I agree — Hooters get to make this call. They don’t have any male wait staff, do they?

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