Dear Fellow Phillies Fans:

I remember Jim Bunning’s Perfect Game in 1964.  The footnote to that one is, Tony Taylor saved it…..he made a spectacular play at second base that made it possible.  Moral: You don’t have a perfect game without the 8 other guys.  They need to be perfect, too.  And they need to supply at least one run.  So in Halliday’s magnificent performance, they did the least.   We’ll take it.


Ever since binocular-gate, the Phillies’ offense has fucking died (died). The Hated Mets shut them down  3 straight times, and they’ve scored marginally since.  Stoner Werth has barely remembered which end of the bat to hold, Chutley has perfected his Blind Tommy Herr act, and Howard has transmogrified into a stockier Von Hayes.   Have you noticed?

Today they lost 1-0.  Too bad Jamie Fossil wasn’t perfect, huh.  Then he could have left with a no decision.

Tomorrow’s Memorial Day.  Hang your flags and mourn the offense, dead as the Confederacy, and  less remembered.  The Hell?

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4 Responses to Perfection

  1. Lu Senz says:

    Great game. So was Josh Johnson’s. And yesterday, so was Jamie Moyer’s, along with Anibal Sanchez. It was a throwback weekend to the Deadball Era, runs as rare as honest fishermen.

    You’re wrong about binoculargate, but it’s an amusing theory. Baseball is a funny game, and a team-wide slump (especially on a team of great hitters) is just one of those crazy things. There’s also the contagion factor, where instead of stepping up, other players get caught up in pressing too hard. It’ll pass, hopefully before the Braves (who have been on fire lately) pass them first.

  2. Borkon says:

    The Phillies should IMMEDIATELY lock up Eri Yoshida for themselves, even if it’s only to keep her in a cage somewhere…just on the chance that she actually makes the majors some day, and becomes yet another knucklballer they can’t hit.

  3. Mr Schwinnckle says:

    Nice Phillies Jersey…. Can I get Madem E to get me one when she is up there? Can I unbutton it if she does bring me one home too?

  4. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    Stay calm, Squatty…stay calm – it’s a long, long season.

    By the way, did the ace reporters at your local paper happen to mention the most interesting of all Perfect Game facts?

    Out of the 20 thrown in the history of the majors, SIX games ended with a 1-0 score, and in every instance, the run was UNEARNED !

    Oh, and the clown who owns your local team is now attempting to sell the unsold tickets to Halladay’s perfect game – classy.

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