Sword and Scandal

Happy Memorial Day.

On this day of tribute to Veterans, let’s pay special tribute to two prominent Americans whose outrageous lies regarding their military service pays testifies to their complete lack of integrity, and identifies them as perfect candidates for the political leadership they crave.

The first is Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, whose outright fabrications regarding his military service during the Vietnam era have surfaced, but who continues to campaign for the U.S. Senate.  He obtained 5 deferments before entering the Reserves – a standard ploy to avoid active service back then -–  but still speaks as though he actively served in Vietnam.  Look.

Blumenthal, you fucking lying cowardly fraud, you.

The other is Mark Kirk, who’s running for the Senate seat once occupied by Barack Obama.  His official biography states he obtained a prestigious military honor that in fact he never received.  Eight years ago, during a speech, he falsely claimed achieving the same honor.  All this time he has been perfectly at ease allowing the world to think of him as something he isn’t, capitalizing on military credentials he never earned.

While I understand that public flogging has fallen out of  style in this nation, I reiterate my contention that there are certain crimes that richly deserve no less, and that (a) Memorial Day presents the perfect and appropriate opportunity for this family entertainment, and (b) in these two frauds we find the ideal candidates.  String ’em up!

Look – I never served.  Back when I was eligible for military service, there was a very unpopular military campaign getting underway to which I was totally opposed, and despite my affection for and approval of Teddy Roosevelt,  I wasn’t about to support his sword-brandishing bravado.

But my respect for and gratitude  toward those who served is second to none, and wealthy, privileged, sheltered, and connected “leaders” who lie about their commitment and dedication to the values of the system they ducked and scorned need to be exposed as the liars they are  and the cowards they’d be if selected for leadership today.

Guzzle your Buds this weekend, America, but don’t forget those about whom this holiday was created, and those who would steal their valor to snooker your ass once more if you let them.

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4 Responses to Sword and Scandal

  1. Frank of Oregon says:

    Amen. You wonder why they still believe they can get away with this crap, given the number of internet resources we have to monitor their every breath and action. Makes me wonder how naive and bass-ackwards they’d be if actually elected.

  2. I blogged about Blumangroup, I mean Blumenthal last week . He’s sleaze. As I wrote, don’t be too harsh on him….many people mix up The Tet Offensive with the July 4th fireworks in Danbury.

    Frankly he embarassed me what with my war record. Btw, did you happen to find a Congressional Medal of Honor at your house. I might have left it there when I slept over. Oh never mind, I have another. I’ll just wear that one

  3. 'Nonymous says:

    You finally swaid something sensible, especially for a linthead liberal. Have a good holiday.

  4. Yono Senada says:

    “Back when I was eligible for military service, there was a very unpopular military campaign getting underway to which I was totally opposed, and despite my affection for and approval of Teddy Roosevelt, I wasn’t about to support his sword-brandishing bravado.” Who knew?

    Anyway, I agree with ‘Nonymous, this was a great post. So true. Thanks.

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