Primum non nocere

Physician, heal thyself.  Or, Doctor My Eyes. Anyhoo….

The Red Cross previously documented, from interviews with “high-value” prisoners, that medical personnel helped facilitate abuses in the C.I.A.’s “enhanced interrogation program” during the Bush administration. Now Physicians for Human Rights has suggested that the medical professionals may also have violated national and international laws setting limits on what research can be performed on humans.

The physicians’ group, which is based in Cambridge, Mass., analyzed a wide range of previously released government documents and reports, many of them heavily censored. It found that the Bush administration used medical personnel — including doctors, psychologists and physician’s assistants — to help justify acts that had long been classified by law and treaty as illegal or unethical and to redefine them as safe, legal and effective when used on terrorism suspects.

The group concludes that health professionals who facilitated these practices were in essence conducting research and experimentation on human subjects.  –NYTimes editorial

Yeah, well so what.

I mean, in this day and age, are we supposed to be shocked and/or outraged that medical professionals engaged in outrageous behavior that disgraces their profession, humanity in general, and universal moral standards?  Hell – if that’s all it takes, make mine butter almond.

And please note: I exempt the psychologists from this rebuke.  Over the decades, that pack have consistently proven themselves as beneath the intellectual and standards of e coli, with about as much conscious regard for their earthly neighbors. Of course they participated – they’ve never recognized so much as a distinction between torturous treatment of human beings and pulling weeds.  Don’t believe me?   Read their journals – and I don’t refer here to just the language, grammar, and so-called reasoning.

Physicians lost sight of the mission years ago.  They sold their stethoscoped souls to insurance companies, realizing too late how it would destroy the practice of medicine, then rationalizing their decision that the money would make up for it.  Now that the money is disappearing into the pockets of the administrators, they’re whining like steamed weenies – but too late.  They sold their own asses – what makes anybody think they wouldn’t sell anybody else’s?

So of course they helped refine the way we torture prisoners of war.  They were paid handsomely (which is all it’s about, right?), and they justified their noxious conduct as patriotic.  Besides, how much different is torture and human experimentation from what they do every day with drugs they’re paid to prescribe by pharmaceutical companies, and surgical procedures they’re encouraged to conduct by medical hardware companies?  Don’t be naïve.

The fact is, most doctors understand we’re all just meat, and meat got no rights.  Especially when it wears a turban.  Or has insurance.

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8 Responses to Primum non nocere

  1. Frank of Oregon says:

    They’re just doing what they’re told and getting paid for it like everybody else. Besides, didn’t Bush just say he approved of torture and whould do it again “in a heartbeat”? They’re just followed the president’s example.

  2. and vat is de problem?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did they charge Cheney a ‘co-pay’ for the advice????

  4. anonymous says:

    Thanks to some of the waterboarding you leftist patriots in Oregon and elsewhere in the US are sleeping safe tonight. Keep sticking your collectives heads in the sand. We are at war and the other side knows it even if you do not. They cut off heads and bomb women and children when they blow themselves up, not to mention shooting our unarmed soldiers on the chow line in our own Army forts.
    Loud music and a little waterboarding never hurt anyone, otherwise we would have lots of hippies staying for a lifetime of treatment at most US hospitals.

    • Frank of Oregon says:

      I don’t know what you’re talking about spepcifically, nameless, but I do see you’re making very little sense. Yes, we’re at war. Yes, the enemy cuts off heads and tortures its citizens’ children. What that says is, if we want to defeat them, we can’t become them.

      “Loud music and a little waterboarding never hurt anyone”? Then why did we deploy these methods as torture? For your personal amusement, maybe?

      Are you actually George W writing under a pseudonym? You sound that stupid. I don’t kmiss you yet.

  5. anonymous says:

    Yes Frank, it is me, GWB. Now, put down that joint and start reading a book or try doing something productive for your country.
    I do not want for morons and idiots like you to miss me. Don’t worry.
    And if waterboarding a scumbag terrorist gets me the right information that prevents an attack where maybe your girlfriend or a relative of yours may die or be maimed, yes, I have no problem with it. Get it?

    • Frank of Oregon says:

      My oh my you’re ignorant. Or just quite young — you write just like the 10th graders I teach. If so, I apologize for calling you stupid, when I should have said naive, ignorant, or misinformed. Perhaps a dose of reality will lend you maturity. I hope so….although as noted, it didn’t seem to help the former President.

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