Were They Playing Chicken?

As a public service, Obalesque presents your “Watch your driving over the holiday weekend” story:

Toyota’s chief test driver, Hiromu Naruse, died in a head-on collision on Wednesday in Germany, the newspaper Rhein-Zeitung reports.  Photographs and German video of the scene show a yellow Lexus LFA supercar and a BMW, both heavily damaged and nose-to-nose, along a slender two-lane road. The LFA that was involved in the crash appeared to be a prototype.

Rhein-Wied News reports that the BMW involved in the crash was also driven by a test driver, although it was a production vehicle. There was also a passenger. Both were seriously injured.

“The riders wore helmets and the cars were packed with electronics,” a police spokesman said. The cause of the accident is under investigation.– NYTimes.com

Study Questions

1.            From a multicultural perspective, would it be enlightening, to hear “Oh SHIT!” exclaimed simultaneously in German and Japanese, or should the video be censored for classroom application?    Justify your response in terms of First Amendment considerations and WWII Axis Powers fascism (back when fascists were FASCISTS).

2.            Name 3 songs other than “I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass” that would be appropriate for background music.

c.            In terms of both revenue and publicity, Toyota is having a very bad year.  On the American political principle of  “Never let a crisis go to waste,” create a scenario by which Toyota’s marketing department could add positive spin to this incident.  Hint: hari kari won’t work.

Iv Do you know about the new German/Chinese restaurant downtown?  The food is good, but an hour later you’re hungry for power.   That’s an unfunny joke with nothing to do with the story here  unless you’re a racist ignoramus who doesn’t know the difference between Chinese and Japanese,  but I’m running out of material.

5.            To hell with this.  It’s Friday before a holiday weekend.  So unless you’re Mel Gibson (speaking of racist ignoramuses), have a great time.  And watch your driving.

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6 Responses to Were They Playing Chicken?

  1. Mel Gibson says:

    The nips deserved it.

  2. Wir sind die überlegene Rasse. Täusche dich nicht, mein Herr.

  3. Human Buffet says:

    Re: 2. Anything by the Crash Dummies

  4. The Michelin Man says:

    Hubba hubba! Who’s the sexy guy in the photo?

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