YouTube-able Moment?

ALLENTOWN – A Pennsylvania couple secretly videotaped a Roman Catholic priest having sex with their 18-year-old daughter in the basement of their home and are now suing, saying he got her pregnant.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Berks County Court, alleges that the Rev. Luis A. Bonilla Margarito carried on a sexual relationship with the teenager while he was chaplain of Reading Central Catholic High School and she was a senior there.

The girl’s parents became suspicious and installed a camera in their basement, where Bonilla and the teenager were spending large amounts of time. The camera recorded the couple having sex in November 2009, after she graduated, according to the suit. —

Reached for comment, a Diocesan spokesman told media, “Fercrissake, there’s no pleasing you people, is there.  It’s not like he was raping an underage choirboy, this was a heterosexual consensual relationship.  And it’s a priest, not a married Congressman!  Lighten up, willya?”

Asked how the hell the spokesman kept his job, he replied, “I can pronounce “Diocesan.”

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7 Responses to YouTube-able Moment?

  1. Diocesan says:

    it’s not like we want to build at church at ground zero for chrissake!

    • Squathole says:

      Yeah — or have sex there!

      “It was interesting to discover that Mr. [Bernard] Kerik considers it an outrage to have a Muslim center near ground zero. You may recall the disclosures about his post-9/11 trysts with his book publisher, Judith Regan. He had no qualms about taking her to an apartment overlooking the World Trade Center site that was supposed to be reserved for exhausted rescue workers. That, somehow, did not dishonor the dead.”NY Times

  2. Travis T says:

    So which is the youtube moment — the sex or the media conference?

  3. Oh I’m living here in Allentown.
    With a priestly ‘boner neath my gown
    Oh yeahhhhhhh.

    How long was the film…..and lets not forget it was a religious experience that got her closer to God ….as she screamed, “Oh God , I’m coming”.

  4. Neil God says:

    at least he went for a young girl and wasnt altering boys!

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