Is Muslim the New Black?

There they go again…….

BERLIN — [Thilo Sarrazin], a board member of Germany’s central bank, provoked strong criticism on Sunday after saying that “all Jews share a particular gene” that “makes them different from other peoples,” and that Muslim immigrants across Europe are unwilling or incapable of assimilating into Western societies.

“I am not a racist,” Mr. Sarrazin said in a separate interview published in the weekly newspaper Die Zeit.

Mr. Sarrazin created outrage in many quarters in October when, in an interview with Lettre International magazine here, he called the children of Arabs and Turks in Germany “an underclass” whose parents live off the state and have no interest in seeking a better education.  – NYTimes

What say we give him the benefit of the doubt?  Maybe he was just invoking the concept of “Jewish Exceptionalism,”  which comes up now and again like a bloated dead manatee, most recently in connection with Bernie Madoff’s excellent adventures.

Besides, I’m sure it sounded better in the original German (as Molly Ivins famously wrote about Pat Buchanan’s address at the 1992 GOP convention).

Or maybe he’s just trying to stay even with his neighbor, French Pres. Nicholas Sarkozy, who is busily deporting hundreds of gypsies back to Romania “for reasons of public order,” and “calling them sources of trafficking, exploitation of children and prostitution.” — eutimes

Nice music, though.  And cool beads.  Oh, well.  You go, Nick.  Like our stateside ‘Pubs contemplating midterm elections, you need to court your rabid right.

I point out these incidents of human compassion so Teabaggers don’t feel so defensive about their own ignorance and bigotry, much of which on display this weekend.  I refer to Mr. Glenn Beck’s overriding theme, that Christians in the United States needed to “take back America” and “restore honor” by returning to the religious convictions “on which this country was founded.”  As opposed to Jews and Muslims, for example.  And that socialist half breed foreign imposter in the White House, “a guy who understands the world through liberation theology, which is oppressor and victim…..People aren’t recognizing his version of Christianity,” Beck said.  —Minneapolis Star-Tribune

A truly European perspective, Glenn.  We-all are right proud of you.

It was all bound to boil over sooner or later, what with nations’ economies collapsing and unemployment scaring us silly.  At times like these, scapegoats are sought like wonder drugs, dug up and trotted out before a jeering populace famished for victims to blame.  Jews are a historical choice with a grand tradition in Europe, as reliable a rabble-rousing source as Blacks in the United States.  (Fashion question: Is Muslim the New Black?)  It’s so much easier and politically valuable than finding genuine solutions to problems.

This, too, will pass, but only if we keep the spotlight hot and the volume turned up.  Start screaming, folks, if only because you might be next.

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2 Responses to Is Muslim the New Black?

  1. Yono Senada says:

    “For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good
    people to do nothing.” Edmund Burke


  2. Red White & Blue says:

    Why do you hate America?

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