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Meowt of her Mind

Police found 20…frozen kittens in a basement of a home [on Ardmore Ave. in Upper Darby. PA].  The row home belonged to the mother of 58-year-old Denise Ann Merget, the gun-waving Upper Darby woman that was taken into custody on … Continue reading

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I’m A Believer

The story has been out there, but what the Hades: Researchers from the independent Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life phoned more than 3,400 Americans and asked them 32 questions about the Bible, Christianity and other world religions, famous … Continue reading

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Phightin Phillies Phantastic Phinish

Congratulations, Phillies!  National League East Division Winners for the fourth consecutive year. The party is still raging in the City of Bodily Harm, where they understand the only use of  a “world cup” is for drinking out of, or protecting … Continue reading

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Shoe Flyer

I met Radicchio R.  Peggio, Sr. about 15 years ago when I was raising money for the International Game Fish Association.  He was just another ridiculously wealthy recreational angler who fished all over the world: IGFA had lots of them … Continue reading

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No Change in Score, Though

The seventh game of the 1960 World Series is considered by fans to be one of the greatest baseball games of all time.  It turns out Bing Crosby – yes, the one and only Bing, before the “el” was added … Continue reading

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Update: Rubble Rouser

As I indicated in my reply to commenter Sharpo yesterday, I got my facts wrong about the Great Southern Eyesore and need to clarify.  Most importantly, the price tag is $100,000, not “millions” as I speculated, and it isn’t coming … Continue reading

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“Corruption on Steroids”

Pardon the lengthy cut-and-paste, but this is very good stuff and you’ll like it: BELL, Calif. – The investigators from the District Attorney’s office showed up at the mayor’s house early Tuesday morning, arrest warrant and battering ram in hand, … Continue reading

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Bare-Assic Park

Philadelphia, PA — One man put a new twist on bestiality Sunday afternoon when he sexually assaulted a dinosaur – a large, plastic one – in a Chester County park, according to police. The unidentified man followed two teen girls … Continue reading

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Rubble Rouser

Q:    What do Hollywood’s and Dania Beach’s downtowns have in common? Before you guess, let me list some true-but-wrong responses:  homeless people, rats, idiot drivers, vacant stores, bad restaurants, traffic tie-ups, ineffective business plans, rednecks.  There.  Give up yet? A:     … Continue reading

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J’Eat? No, D’Jew?

Full disclosure: the following post is a rerun… fact, it’s a rerun of a rerun, having appeared once before on Critical Miami, and twice on some other blog no longer active. But I liked it then and I like it … Continue reading

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