No Change in Score, Though

The seventh game of the 1960 World Series is considered by fans to be one of the greatest baseball games of all time.  It turns out Bing Crosby – yes, the one and only Bing, before the “el” was added – had paid a private company to record it from beginning to end, and those reels of film have just come to light:

He knew he would want to watch the game later — if his Pirates won — so he hired a company to record Game 7 by kinescope, an early relative of the DVR, filming off a television monitor. The five-reel set, found in December in Crosby’s home, is the only known complete copy of the game, in which Pirates second baseman Bill Mazeroski hit a game-ending home run to beat the Yankees, 10-9. It is considered one of the greatest games ever played.  – NY Times

No doubt Yankees fans all over the country will want to watch closely to see if – make that how — they were robbed of the victory.  (They weren’t.  But that’s Yankee fans!)

Discovering a previously unknown relic from half a century ago is exciting in and of itself, but the nature of the discovery kicks it up an extra notch.  The 7th game, and its dramatic ending, is the stuff of legend to baseball fans, and except for very brief snippets on newsreels from the era and black-and-white newspaper photos, no visual record survived – until now.  Watching it will be a trip back in time.

I have friends who are passionate Yankee fans and memorabilia collectors, so I’m hoping a DVD is available for Christmas.

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4 Responses to No Change in Score, Though

  1. Lu Senz says:

    As a baseball fan, I’m thrilled about this of course….but I bet here in south Florida, aside from the New Yorkers nobody gives a damn. They’re all giddy about their footballers. Until they lose, of course.

  2. Yono Senada says:

    “before the el was added” …?

    • Squathole says:

      Yono: Obscure reference to Bling Crosby, the rapper. (Obscure because there is no such person.) I could have said, “‘efore the “e” was added,’ referencing Binge Crosby, the competitive eating champion, but there’s no such person there, either. Besides, when I make eating disorder remarks, I get inundated by irritating therapists telling me how insensitive and impolitic I am.

      Lu: You’re right. Nobody in this sports wasteland we call south Florida really cares much about baseball unless they’re from some more civilized place like NY, Chicago, St Louis, Philly, etc. Still, that game is a historical moment in the sport’s Golden Era, and finiding it complete and intact is miraculous, like a time capsule.

      How about my Phillies? Atop the NL, 11 Ws straight, now with the best record in baseball. All the parts are working at or above factory standards, except Rollins, but little Wilson is an unbelievable sub.

      • Lu Senz says:

        Binge Crosby. You’re out of your mind.

        You can’t get ask much more from the Phillies than what they’ve done since July. Perhaps, though, some of their success masks some of their weaknesses. The starting pitching has been so good that we haven’t seen how weak the bullpen is (other than Madsen and Lidge, who both seem to be over whatever it was that cramped their effectiveness earlier this season). The regular 8 have been steady and productive, so bench players aren’t getting many swings. When’t the last time Ben Francisco had an AB, let alone a start? Is Gload still effective? Dobbs? Where’s Sweeney lately? All these guys need to be shovel-ready come post-season, and it’s hard to say with confidence that they are.

        If they clinch soon, I’m sure Chollie will give the regs a rest and play them. Until then….?

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