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Sorry to be so missing this week, but if you ever wanted a clear display of what happens to a middle-aged male when his hormones are fucked with, this was it.  Virtually everything I encounter this week annoys and/or infuriates … Continue reading

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Snail Male

Escargot, Anyone? Female marine snails living off the Perth [Australia] coast are growing male sex organs on their heads after exposure to the chemical TBT, according to local researchers…. Curtin University researchers have revealed the snails are suffering from imposex, … Continue reading

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6079 Smith, W!

My new Macy’s credit card arrives!!  Just in case I want to shop at Macy’s, something I haven’t done since Christ was bar mitzvah’d!  (Probably at Macy’s.) To activate the card, call this toll free number.  You know the drill.  … Continue reading

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Separating the Party From the Tea

A Tea Party favorite explains her principled position against masturbation. “The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can’t masturbate without lust….The reason that you don’t tell [people] that masturbation is the answer to AIDS … Continue reading

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Must Be the Water

This just in: Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and the Florida pastor who threatened (is threatening?) to burn Korans, Terry Jones, were high school classmates. Politics Daily reports that the two attended Cape Central High School in Cape … Continue reading

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It’s all over the news: Pastor Asshat of Gainesville cancelled his Koran bonfire. (The rumor that he negotiated a deal to move the so called Ground Zero mosque moved is self-serving bullshit, of course.) The entire world quickly identified this … Continue reading

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Happy Jew Year!

Passing through the Jewish section of town, Amos and Andy stop in their tracks when they hear an ungodly trumpeting sound from the synagogue. “What in hell was THAT?” asks Amos. Andy laughs.  “That’s just those Jewish people celebrating their … Continue reading

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Pestering Posters

If I understand it correctly, the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency has a policy that bans depictions of guns in advertising on its property.  So to comply with this policy for the upcoming movie “The Other Guys,” posters showing guns … Continue reading

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Standing Pat

As the United States transitions out of Military Mode in Iraq, Pat Buchanan reminds us how we got there to begin with, and what our presence there has yielded so far: And as 90 months of war in Iraq come … Continue reading

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Triple AAA is the New Triple XXX

If my mouth weren’t so full, I’d call Bullshit. It is commonly assumed that small-chested women feel that nature’s lottery has left them coming up short. The parade of heaving bosoms in Victoria’s Secret catalogs not only suggests that bigger … Continue reading

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