Redlegs, Red Faces

I popped open a Carlsberg Elephant and fired up the victory stogie right after Madsen recorded the third out in the 8th.

In hindsight, it was over before that — that fateful inning where the entire Reds pitching and defense delaminated.  Camera pans to the dugout revealed Dusty Baker suffering severe intestinal distress.  Nobody’s fool, he knew damn well as soon as it happened that handing a team like the Phillies an extra out (or 2) was dealing a Get Out of the Game Free card.  As it came to be.  It is as it was.  Selah.

That Redlegs team looked like the Keystone Kops out there.  I thought I was watching the World Cup the way they were kicking the damn ball all over the grass.  At one point, it looked like they couldn’t even pick up a motionless ball after they dropped it.

Hard luck Dusty.  This is the third team he’s taken to the post-season, only to crash and burn.  Somebody should give him a Led Zeppelin tee shirt to wear — the one with the fiery Hindenburg char-broiling flame-roasting its crew and passengers.

When he’s finally done with baseball, someone is going to offer Baker a lot of money for a reality show. It will involve him sitting in a chair while he watches random strangers kick his dog. — Gonzo
Yeah, while tough shit.  My (rapidly diminishing) generation of Phillies fans have seen a whole lot of hair-graying, gut-wrenching, brain-numbing defeat in 128 years of franchise history — 10,000 losses, second only to the various incarnations of the Washington Generals who spent half a century of humiliation against the Harlem Globetrotters.  This is our Golden Age.  God love the goose.
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2 Responses to Redlegs, Red Faces

  1. Borkon says:

    An ugly win is a win. Phillies in 3 while the Braves and Giants hammer each other into the night.

  2. ya' gotta' guessit says:

    In today’s paper, the Inky’s Phil Sheridan calls Scott Rolen “a boo sponge”.

    A BOO SPONGE !!!

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