She Knows the Second One Better

Must be one of those future “citizen legislators” the teabaggers are so fired up about.

WILMINGTON, Del. – Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell of Delaware on Tuesday questioned whether the U.S. Constitution calls for a separation of church and state, appearing to disagree or not know that the First Amendment bars the government from establishing religion.

The exchange came in a debate before an audience of legal scholars and law students at Widener University Law School, as O’Donnell criticized Democratic nominee Chris Coons’ position that teaching creationism in public school would violate the First Amendment by promoting religious doctrine.

Coons said private and parochial schools are free to teach creationism but that “religious doctrine doesn’t belong in our public schools.”

“Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” O’Donnell asked him.

When Coons responded that the First Amendment bars Congress from making laws respecting the establishment of religion, O’Donnell asked: “You’re telling me that’s in the First Amendment?”

Her comments, in a debate aired on radio station WDEL, generated a buzz in the audience.

“You actually audibly heard the crowd gasp,” Widener University political scientist Wesley Leckrone said after the debate, adding that it raised questions about O’Donnell’s grasp of the Constitution.  – Associated Press

Yes, this is the level of education and sophistication America needs in the early days of the 21st century to lead us back to the top; to serve as a role model, to set an example while creating visionary policies for this generation as well as the next.

However, I bet she can produce her birth certificate (even if she can’t read it).

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11 Responses to She Knows the Second One Better

  1. Dawgbowl says:

    She’s stupider than scary, but what’s really scary is there are thousands of people in Delaware that will vote for her anyway, and millions across the country that see nothing wrong with the way she thinks.

  2. Dawgbowl says:

    She also said, “I didn’t bring my Constitution with me. Fortunately, senators don’t have to memorize the Constitution.” (

  3. Barbara Ganoush says:

    Where did you find the photo of my ex-husband?

  4. sharpshooter says:

    stupidity and illiteracy are not only the sole property of the Repubs or Tea Party members. Recently a Georgia Democratic Congressman who has been reelected many times by his constituents, said to a military man during hearings that “too many men on the island of Guam will tip the island and it would sink it into the ocean”. That was a doozy.
    I don’t remember you writing anything about that huge display of a Democrat stupidity in your blog.
    Why don’t you make the playfield even and criticize both parties?

    • Squathole says:

      Sharpo: I quite agree… single group or organization has a monopoly on the moronic. The case you site got a whole lot of play before I arrived on it, or I might have posted on it. But I’m not interested in leveling the playing field anyway — I prefer to select the most outrageos and egregious I can find, regardless of who it is. Right now it seems to be the ‘baggers, who make the most noise and have the choice idiocies. O’Donnell is a gold mine, better even than Joe Biden, who I HAVE picked on. (What is it about Delaware?)

  5. Merkin Way says:

    Sharpshooter’s comment is classic In-Denial tea party fodder. No matter how ignorant the statement, if a tea party candidate says it, they’ll stick by it, and ast most point to something else to divert attention.

    Not that the Democrats are acting any better, of course. They’re not. That’s why they’re losing this round.

    Hey, whatever works, right? Who cares? It’s only America.

  6. sharpshooter says:

    Merkin Way,
    I am not a fan of O’Donnell because I happen to think the Repubs had that seat in the bag with the previous candidate and they blew it choosing her.
    I just wanted to point out that Repubs do not have a monopoly on stupidity and silly utterances as the Dems do the same. Just look at the example I mentioned. Nothing can be more stupid or asinine than what that idiot said.
    I am not a Tea party follower, but if I was I have the perfect right to do it, as this is America and we can belong to any party we damn well please. When we are a leftist tyranny or a dictatorship then you can tell me what party to follow, until then I will do as I see fit.
    Capicci, testa de mincia?

    • Merkin Way says:

      Sharpshooter: You sure as hell can belong to any party you please. So can I. You also have the right to be as stupid as you like. So do I. So does that idiot in your example, and so does O’Donnell, and both of them exercised that right. Lots of people do every day.

      What shakes me up is that O’Donnell wants to join a government and she doesn’t know its basic laws protecting citizens like me. That’s more than just stupid. That’s scary. I happen to love this country, and thinking about morons like that and people like tea party dunces that would vote for her upsets me a whole lot more than a guy who thinks a big building can sink an island.

  7. Dawgbowl says:

    I happen to love this country, and thinking about morons like that and people like tea party dunces that would vote for her upsets me a whole lot more than a guy who thinks a big building can sink an island.

    That’s refreshingly honest, Merkin, and rings true. Wingnutters wave the flag and bray about the Constitution at the same time they support candidates who claim they hate government and know next to nothing about how it works, and would do away with laws and regulations that have protected citizens’ rights for decades. Frightening. We’re in for a rough ride, I fear.

  8. Sharpshooter says:

    that moronic Democrat from Georgia who said if the island had too many soldiers it would sink, is already part of the US government and happens to be in Congress as a Representative. If an idiot that thinks like that ,and reaches those stupid conclusions does not scare you, I don’t know what would. This guy is voting on US laws, for God’s sake!

  9. Dawgbowl says:

    Spudshooter doesn’t get it, does he.

    Nobody defends the moronic Georgia Dem. Nobody. But his stupidity doesn’t make O’Donnell’s any less stupid or frightening. Neither one should be in a position to make laws and protect the security of the country.

    It’s worthj pointing out too that he’s one of 435 representatives in the House, elected by a small district in a large state (Georgia). O’Donnell wants to be 1 of 100 Senators from a small but infuential and corporate-intense state (Delaware), where the entire population will be represented by her. Her power and influence is considerably more dangerous.

    The other point is — again — the tea party and Repubs are perfectly okay with this, sending her campaign millions of dollars, instead of worried about how unqualified for the job she is. And people like Crapshooter play the game of pointing to other problems rather than addressing their own.

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