It’s Mee Again

What’s that old saw about No Second Acts?

A Florida teenager who became famous with uncontrollable hiccups has been arrested and charged with murder for killing a man during a robbery.  She could face the death penalty.

Jennifer Mee became known as ‘hiccup girl’ and left doctors baffled when she began hiccupping 50 times a minute in 2007.  Now police in Tampa, Florida, say the 19-year-old was involved in the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Shannon Griffin on Saturday.

Mee and the others admitted their involvement, police said. All three have been charged with first degree murder….. Mee’s mother, Rachel Robidoux, wept as she described her daughter as a ‘loveable, sweet little girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly’. – Daily Mail

The link includes footage of her appearance on a teevee show, hiccupping.

According to reports, she was hiccupping “50 times a minute,” and nobody had a solution, not the acupuncturist, hypnotist, respiratory expert, or prayer harpies.  Then one day they just stopped on their own.  Three years pass and she stands accused of murder.

I’m angry and I blame Obamacare.  (What, you have a better idea?  It’s election season.  Get with the program!)

I don’t know anything about her (alleged) partners in crime, except they do NOT have a bizarre history of uncontrollable hiccups, so I assume Mee’s defense will focus on that childhood trauma, exonerating her from full responsibility, and suggesting that the other two cynically manipulated her.   The fact that this sounds plausible, not laughably far-fetched, says all we need to know about how twisted our system has become.

It would not surprise me if she started hiccupping again.  No, it will surprise me if she doesn’t (perhaps on advice of legal counsel) to generate sympathy.  After which, the ones deserving of sympathy will be her sleep-deprived cell mates.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.  The justice system must run its course, and it rarely runs smoothly, let alone in a case where the hiccups are already built in.

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5 Responses to It’s Mee Again

  1. Ruh Roh says:

    No hic left un-cupped.

  2. Human Buffet says:

    I remember, when this first made the news, that a popular theory was she developed hiccups in response to forced oral sex. I never saw anything official about that, though. Does anybody have any news on that?

  3. sharpshooter says:

    now she can use the hic-cups defense. The hiccups made her do it. She will probably walk free with that one.

  4. Ellis Rubin says:

    Maybe if she had watched a movie showing indiscriminate hiccupping…

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