I’ll Take Failed Alliances for $1,000, Alex

So how’s that joint venture with our close allies in Afghanistan going, fellas?  Are the terrorists on the run?  Is democracy established?  Is everybody happy?

“They do give us bags of money — yes, yes, it is done,” Mr. Karzai said, responding to questions about a report in The New York Times on Sunday that Iran sends regular cash payments to his chief of staff, Umar Daudzai. “We are grateful to the Iranians for this.”

“Patriotism has a price,” he said.

In his news conference, Mr. Karzai also attacked The Times for publishing the report about Iranian payments, even as he confirmed receiving such payments. He urged the Afghan news media to “defame The New York Times as they defame us.” —NY Times

Patriotism has a price.”  Hamid Karzai knows more about American politics in the 21st century than all the ‘Crats and ‘Pubs combined.  Direct and up-front about it, too: stuff a million bucks into a plastic sack and hand it to my chief of staff.  None of this clandestine wire-transfer crap to a secret account in Switzerland.

Here’s a distinction, though, between what Iran does for Karzai and what the US Chamber of Commerce does for Republicans candidates: Karzai identifies his donors.   Proudly, too.

After all, “patriotism has its price,” and certainly he’s a patriot.

Unsurprisingly, even as he admits the truth of the media’s allegations, he lashes out at them, specifically the NY Times.  That’s what corrupt officials do when sniffed out and exposed.  Sound familiar, America?

Our work in Afghanistan is so over.  Nobody gets out of there alive.  The country’s single uniting factor is the population’s undiluted loathing of outsiders, whom they will fight for centuries if need be, and until nobody remains.

But what we see in this incident is something even more terrifying and loathsome: in their frank, unembarrassed embrace of thorough corruption at the highest levels, we see where America is heading.  “Patriotism has its price,” he states, and here, in this mid-term election of 2010, the patriotic buyers are lining up to pay like never before.

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6 Responses to I’ll Take Failed Alliances for $1,000, Alex

  1. Red White & Blue says:

    Why do you hate America?

  2. Beardsley says:

    Just released: Transparency International’s Corruption Perception ranking. Read it here: http://www.transparency.org/policy_research/surveys_indices/cpi/2010/results!

    Afghanistan scored 176 oif 178 — third worst nation in the world. Our other ally in terrorism, poakistan, scored 143. United States: 22. That’s sure to change after this next election.

  3. Kent Standit says:

    You’re missing the point. The war on terrorism is an international business venture. It’s designed to generate millions of dollars to distribute to people like Karzai so he can pocket most, and redistribute the rest to keep him floating. Getting Iran to kick in was a marketing coup!

    In other words, the system is working.

  4. Lois Terms says:

    Once upon s time we had every obligation to go into Afghanistan and capture bin Laden. The Bush adminstration (“Dead or Alive”) blew that one like every other one, and 10 years later we’re still there even if bin Laden isn’t. Thsi makes less sense each passing day.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Exiting from this hellhole has long been overdue. Let these terrorists keep their hellhole and do as they please. Let them kill their women, children, homosexuals and grow all the opium they want. England tried once to teach some decency and good behavior to these savages but it was all for naught. That place cannot be changed. Trying to teach democracy to these savges is like trying to teach chimpanzees to read. I say let’s get the hell out of there and bring our brave soldiers home. Not one more drop of American blood to keep this leech in power. No more sacrifices of American lives in Afghanistan. I say let them keep that hell for themselves.

  6. One Man's Opinion says:

    I can hardly believe it but I think I agree with annonymASS. While I know Obama inherited the mess in Afghanistan our current policiies there are all his. We should be a lot closer to exiting that hell hole than we seem to be.

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