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The Art of the Ill

Holy flyin’ phlegm am I sick today.  Where did this come from? Anyway, my eye-witness account of the Knight Arts Challenge award ceremony last night at the Arsht Center will have to wait.  Here’s the account in the Hurled, and … Continue reading

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Shirley He’s Dead

Leslie Nielsen could make me laugh without saying a word or pulling a face.  When he did either (or both), I’d just laugh harder. Guess I’ll have to find the old Airplane movies and run through them again. R.I.P., funny … Continue reading

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Taking A Pounding

It’s Sunday night and I’m parked in front of the teevee set at the Liquor and Rubber Balls Sports Emporium and Bait Shoppe watching my Eagles play like a disorganized pack of wild dogs – whoops.  Can’t say that with … Continue reading

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Porcelain Prison

Not news: A 69-year-old woman locks herself in the bathroom. News: She ends up trapped for 20 days … and survives. The Paris woman’s door lock jammed, leaving her stranded with no window or phone and only tap water to … Continue reading

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Pitt Stopped

Ingrid Pitt, “the most beautiful goul in the world,” has died at age 73.  The star of numerous Hammer  horror movies in the 60s and 70s, she was revered for two prominent qualities, neither of which was her acting.  As … Continue reading

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Air Pollution

Last week in Congress, Democrats defeated a Republican effort to cut off funding for National Public Radio. Under the Republican proposal, NPR would not be allowed to apply for grants issued by federally funded agencies like the Corporation for Public … Continue reading

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Pigs in Plastic

Because of its sugar content, I avoid bacon – but at the same time, I seek opportunities to cheat.  Just the other week, well, maybe it was a month, there was a chafing dish with this pasta, cheese, and bacon … Continue reading

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Update: Grope Nuts

Got a tale to tell? Have you flown recently and had a good, bad or unique encounter with the Transportation Security Administration? Have you undergone the full-body scan? What did you think? Were you subjected to a new, enhanced pat-down? … Continue reading

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Hard-On Terrorists

It seems like lots of people are upset by the prospect of getting groin-groped by uniformed personnel.  Times sure change.  It seems like only yesterday people were lining up for the opportunity in places like churches, boy scout meetings, and … Continue reading

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Sex Makes People Happy

Did we really need an app to find this out? Or maybe the nerds at Apple just learned that hardware is as important as software.

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