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Palin By Comparison

Fox News commentators were caught ridiculing their colleague’s reality show during a commercial break—during which their mics were still on. Politics Daily reports that ex-Washington Times editor Liz Trotta gleefully recounted a New York Times review of Sarah Palin’s Alaska … Continue reading

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Good Choice of Costume

It’s Friday before Thanksgiving.  If you’re not a turkey, you’re probably in pre-holiday spirits already.  So let’s keep it light. Akron, OH — Robbery usually isn’t a laughing matter.  But for one woman in Ohio it eventually became one after … Continue reading

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I haven’t been inside the Liquor and Rubber Balls Sports Emporium and Hobbies & Crafts Shoppe since the dismal conclusion of the NLCS, and I hope, as I quietly take a seat beside pro gambler Duck Diamonds, that nobody will … Continue reading

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Petting Zoo

Another animal lover! A Hollywood man, who police say admitted to “mounting” his pit bull repeatedly to assert his dominance over the animal, was charged in connection with the dog’s death. According to the information, two officers went to [Ross] … Continue reading

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Hail Hail Listeria

A turkey recall has been announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Safety Inspection Service. The recalled turkey products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, the germ that can cause the potentially fatal illness listeriosis– Hulik ……..and I … Continue reading

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John The Junk Man

Just in time for the heavy holiday travel season!  Grab some popcorn, but hold the nuts.  Oh, wait.  That was the problem……… A man was thrown out of [San Diego] international airport after refusing to undergo a full-body X-ray scan … Continue reading

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He Lives………….

……..for art.

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The End is Near

In a city known for inserting too many things in too many areas, the Mayor finally draws the line: Plastic children’s movie based toy fans, rejoice: Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco has vetoed the city’s controversial ban on putting … Continue reading

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He Don’t Need No Education

Evidence that the tea party has sprouted international branches has surfaced in Brazil: SAO PAULO — Grumpy the clown won election in a laugher, getting more votes than any other candidate for Brazil’s Congress.  Francisco Silva became famous as Tiririca … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Alright — Not

Happy Veteran’s Day.  Back in 1918, it was called “Armistice Day,” commemorating the end of hostilities of WWI.  On that same date (today) in 2010, America has not one, but two wars raging, replenishing the supply of dead, maimed, and … Continue reading

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