Nice New Tail

Did anybody notice that the one-cent piece, a/k/a the penny, has been redesigned?

Gone from the new Lincoln penny is the reproduction of the Lincoln Memorial, complete with a really tiny seated Lincoln, that has been “tails’’ since 1959. In its place is a “Union Shield,’’ a simple acorn of 13 stripes capped with the motto “E Pluribus Unum.’’ On the “heads’’ side, the iconic profile of the 16th president by Victor David Brenner remains unchanged. — Boston Globe

Now and then you’ll hear talk about eliminating the penny, which costs more than one penny each to make.  Not gonna happen, even when it’s commonplace (as it is now) for people to not bother picking them up when they drop them.

I have jars and jars of pennies at home which I keep meaning to take to the bank in exchange for some “real” money, but the bank insists I wrap them in rolls of 50 or 100 first.  That’s high on my list of priorities, right after trimming the cats’ ass-hairs.

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One Response to Nice New Tail

  1. The Cats says:

    Any time you want to trim our ass-hair you go right ahead. Use your teeth.

    Speaking of ass, get off yours and get us breakfast.

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