Virgin Birth of a Nation

It’s an old put-down.  Q: Why couldn’t Jesus have been born in Miami?  A: They couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin. Substitute the location of your choice: First time I heard it, it was Poland.  I’ve also heard Italy, New Jersey, and Washington DC.  He yuk.

Well, the fewer virgins in the world, the better.  As for the wise men, there is this disturbing statistic:

A new Gallup poll shows 78% of Americans doubt the traditional scientific view of evolution: 40% of Americans believe that God created mankind 10,000 years ago; another 38% believe in intelligent design. Just 16%, meanwhile, believe in the scientific view of “secular evolution”—though that’s up from a mere 9% in 1982.  – Daily Beast

Progress of a sort, I suppose, but if these numbers are accurate, the view that about 4 of 5 Americans are this stupid and/or uneducated doesn’t bode well for the future of the Republic.  How are we supposed to compete in a technology-based world where scientific advances have repercussions in everything from security and information-sharing to economics and social justice?  With tax breaks for the rich?

We’ve seen how influential small numbers of anti-evolutionists can be, forcing school districts to abandon science-based textbooks, and pushing prayer down the throats of private citizens in the name of “family values.”  It only takes one turd in the punch bowl to ruin the party, after all.  A wise man becomes just another elitist, see.

Pretty soon the joke will be, How come Jesus couldn’t have been born in America? Then the joke will be on all of us.  ‘T’ain’t funny, McGee.

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4 Responses to Virgin Birth of a Nation

  1. Neil, a Christian Soul says:

    Suggesting that Believers are either stupid or educated is bigoted and mean-spirited. It’s especially inappropriate at this most Holy time of year. You’re going to hell.

    • Damning people to your fictional hell at this time of year? How Christian of you.

      • Neil, a Christian Soul says:

        Mustang Bobby: I’m not damning anybody. I don’t have the power, and besides, I’m just another sinner like the rest of humanity. I’m simply warning the writer that his words and actions are offensive to Believers, and that God frowns on blasphemers like him, and that there asre consequences he’s inviting by continuing. I pray for sinners like him to reform.

        I know who you are from your writing as well, and pray for you to see the error of your abominations as well because you’re headed for hell if you don’t. It’s not my damning or judgment you need to worry about, but your Maker’s.

  2. Dawgbowl says:

    It’s that same minority of people that cling to their guns and their bibles, as Obama famously put it. They’re not just ignorant, they do it on purpose.

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