‘T’is the Season

Wow—Kindred souls for the Westboro Baptist Church!

Fanatics from a banned Islamic hate group have launched a nationwide poster campaign denouncing Christmas as evil.

Organisers plan to put up thousands of placards around the UK claiming the season of goodwill is responsible for rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity, crime and paedophilia.

They hope the campaign will help ‘destroy Christmas’ in this country and lead to Britons converting to Islam instead. – Daily Mail

And they’re musical, as well:

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me an STD .

“On the second day debt, on the third rape, the fourth teenage pregnancies and then there was abortion.

It  ain’t quite ABBA, is it?

Good luck, guys.  This approach is certain to make friends and influence people, and you couldn’t have picked a better time of year.  Why not deploy a few suicide bombers to detonate themselves in front of a midnight mass somewhere?  People respect that kind of commitment.

Me, I’m not a Christian.  I don’t celebrate Christmas, nor do I entertain any religious or supernatural beliefs.  Many people whom I love and respect do, including my wife – we all get along just fine.  Really, it’s easy.  Live and let live.  Have a drink.  And an earth-moving orgasm.

If your faith requires the destruction of other people of faith, your faith is fucked up.  Go off and die somewhere, preferably quietly, and leave the rest of us alone.  I won’t pray for you, but others will.  Christians included.

Merry Christmas and Best of the Season from this non-believer to the Faithful Sane.  The rest of you can eat shit, die, and fry freeze in hell.  If only that destination existed other than the one you make for us right here.

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2 Responses to ‘T’is the Season

  1. Lois Terms says:

    Well now that’s disgusting enough to be a set-up. Are you certain it’s genuine?

  2. Miami Harold says:

    There’s no reason for hatred.
    Fools abound, and in their own way they are the most effective evangelists.
    True or false, this message resonates only with the fooled.

    Try this instead.

    Merry Christmas.

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