Drop Dead Gorgeous

….or, Dem Bones Ain’t Gonna Rise Again.  The model has skipped her last meal.

Isabelle Caro, a French model featured in an anti-anorexia advertising campaign, died at age 28 from unknown causes. Caro actually died last month, but the news wasn’t made public until this week.

Caro suffered from anorexia from the time she was a teenager and made her struggle public in 2007 when she appeared in an ad for an Italian designer showing her naked, emaciated frame with the words “No. Anorexia.”  In a magazine interview she published on her blog, she said her reason for making the ad was to draw attention to how debilitating the disease can be.  ABC news

She weighed about 59 pounds for the photo.  She might have shed additional ounces if she had her teeth, toenails, and fingernails removed, or maybe a few ribs.  But unlike competitive eating, anorexia isn’t “competitive starving,” and besides, she was a model, not a circus freak.  I guess.

While her agent and handlers were thinking, she was just “thinning.

If you’re as naïve as most who believe what they see on teevee, in ads, and attested to by celebrities everywhere, you accept that the photo and the ad were aimed at susceptible youth whose career paths go through the plains of self-starvation.   I call BULLSHIT!  At 28, her death by total organ failure a matter of any-day-now, her agents milked her flat udders for the last drop of revenue-milk, cynically presenting her in a promotion certain to both stir the righteous and inspire the next Generation Size Minuses.

“Caro’s death is tragic,” says New York-based eating disorder specialist Marisa Sherry. “It shows us the severity of eating disorders. It’s not just about being skinny or being able to walk down the runway in size zero clothes. Anorexia can take your life.”

Caro’s images horrified most, but anorexia experts were concerned the images would actually encourage some with the disease.  “Some will say I wish I could look like that,” says Sherry. “And some would say I want to recover so I don’t become that.” – CBS News

Hey, bidness is bidness.  You play in the NFL, you swallow steroids and rot your brain.  You strut the catwalk, you starve and shrivel your vitals.  The best succeed and flourish, if only for a short time, but ownership goes on, investing in tomorrow’s inventory.

Okay.  Who needs a sandwich?

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2 Responses to Drop Dead Gorgeous

  1. Camiel Toe says:

    OMG that’s horrible, tragic, and I fear you’re right: exploitative. I know people who will hang that photo over their bathroom scale for inspiration.

  2. Ted End says:

    How come she’s wearing that black strip across where her breasts should be? And how does it stay up?

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