Just Show Funny Animal Videos

Even after death Jack-o inspires the weird.

Following a barrage of complaints by some heirs and fans of Michael Jackson, the Discovery television network on Friday “postponed indefinitely” its plans to broadcast a re-enactment of the singer’s 2009 autopsy.

Jackson fans around the world last month began circulating a petition demanding cancellation the broadcast, which was being promoted with an advertisement showing a sequined glove, one of Jackson’s trademarks, alongside a body draped in a sheet.  On Wednesday, the co-executors of the Jackson estate wrote to Discovery to say the program was “in shockingly bad taste” and cited “common sense and decency” in urging the program be pulled from the air.  NYTimes

“Shockingly bad taste.”  “Common sense and decency.”   This is Michael Jackson we’re talking about, right?

It can always be worse, of course.  Lose the glove, but have the autopsy performed in a medical theater, the seats filled with teary pre-pubescent boys.  When an organ is removed, the lights go down, a disco ball starts turning, and “Beat It” blasts through the room as technicians start dissecting.  Squathole Knows Tasteless.

Besides, I thought the whole point of teevee was to forego common sense and decency, and maximize shockingly bad taste.  Maybe I’ve just been seeing too much Faux News.

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3 Responses to Just Show Funny Animal Videos

  1. Zombies says:

    What a disgusting freak he was. I wouldn’t suck out his brains with YOUR leprous lips.

  2. Dawgbowl says:

    Oh, you want a funny animal vid….

  3. Lois Terms says:

    Enough of Jackson already.

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