Meet the New Boss

…and you know the next line, too.

Many people knowledgeable about the federal budget said House Republicans could not keep their campaign promise to cut $100 billion from domestic spending in a single year. Now it appears that Republicans agree.

As they prepare to take power on Wednesday, Republican leaders are scaling back that number by as much as half, aides say, because the current fiscal year, which began Oct. 1, will be nearly half over before spending cuts could become law.

Now aides say that the $100 billion figure was hypothetical, and that the objective is to get annual spending for programs other than those for the military, veterans and domestic security back to the levels of 2008, before Democrats approved stimulus spending to end the recession. — NYTimes

That’s right.  The lied about budget cuts to get elected.  They got elected.  Now they need to lie about other things.  Or at least lie differently about the same thing.

As the Times points out, the mythical $100 billion goal was recited in the ‘Pub’s manifesto, “A Lie Pledge to America;” Paul Ryan, the new chair of the House  Budget Committee; and of course, new Speaker of the House John Boner.  Among others.

La la la.  Lie lie lie.  Nibbity nibbity nibbity.

You’re a fool if you’re surprised by this, and you’re two fools if you’re surprised but okay with it.  As are most of the ‘Pubs, the lobbyists who own them, and the wingnuts who gleefully waved them in.

The new ‘Pubs in charge  of the House intend to begin business this session with a verbal, word-by-word reading of the US Constitution into the record.  This sick little piece of theater is another in a long line of meaningless gestures your elected oafs pull rather than address genuine problems.  Remember Bob Ney – as in “bray,” not to be confused with his colleague Tom DeLay – and his masterful response to terrorism?  Angered over the refusal of France to cooperate with the military during Monkey Boy’s ill-advised wild goose chase of WMDs in Iraq, he ordered the House cafeteria to change the name from French to “Freedom Fries.”  Yeah, he was standing tall on principle while shrapnel riddled American soldiers to bloody rags.

Same as the old boss.

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9 Responses to Meet the New Boss

  1. Dawgbowl says:

    Yeah, but at least they have birth certificates.

  2. Barbara Ganousch says:

    “Nibbity nibbity nibbity.” I like saying that aloud.

    You’d think these bozos would be ASHAMED to sit there and hear the Constitution read aloud to them, but they are totally living on another planet.

  3. Columbine says:

    Cute kid.

  4. Piles says:

    You’re ‘way off on this, Squatso. As long as they’re grabbing each others’ ass and reading the Constitution aloud, they’re not repealing regulations to keep the air and water clean; or repealing the health care act; or making it illegal to be a Mexican after dark, etc. This is a good thing.

    Mext they should read My Pet Goat. And then the tax code, evcery word. And then it will be 2012 and we can vote their stoopid asses out.

    • Squathole says:

      Piles, you’re on to something here. Good insight.

    • ya'gotta'guessit' says:

      Ha, ha.

      Have you read the “health care act”, Piles – I’ll bet not.

      And exactly which Mexicans are illegal after dark?

      And the outgoing, 2-term Pennsylvania governor (a flaming Democrat) has been A-OK with fracking for natural gas – is he stoopid, too?

      You should go read the new versions of Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer that pass the liberal litmus test, and hopefully, you’ll be too busy to vote in 2012.

      • Piles says:

        Great idea, ya’gotta’gas’it! After they finish the Constitution and the tax code, then they can read the health bill. No, I didn’t read it. And neither did they. But since they’re lobbyinsts for the insurance companies, they sure do want to repeal it.

        WTF does the ex-governor of PA have to do with Congress? But I guess if you’re too dense to get the Mexican after dark joke, you probably don’t know that governors aren’t congressmen. Read Article I. It’s all there.

  5. ya'gotta'guessit' says:

    Sorry, Piles, my bad – I was aiming high, and you were riding a Shetland pony.

    Your gripes about the Republicans in congress are that they hate Mexicans, clean water, and “health care”, right?

    OF COURSE, you haven’t read the health care act, and were speaking from the same level of ignorant self-righteousness as Pelosi & Pals – not a surprise.

    And OF COURSE, Rendell’s not in congress (sharp as a tack, aren’t you?) – but this major-league Dem ACTUALLY epitomizes the environment-killing politician that you so apparently loathe, but can only spot within a gaggle of Republicans – get out, much?

    And there *was* no “Mexican after dark joke” – just a stoopid pile-on to your already weak and sloping mound of half-baked opinions and biases.

  6. Piles says:

    Glad you enjoyed my comments, yagottagasit. Feel free to share them with your fellow health insurance industry executive and Republican lobbyist pals, whose mission in congress and life is to preserve tax breaks for the rich, misery for the poor, and hypocritical commentary for the media and their adoring lackeys.

    I’m still waiting to hear how the governor of Pennsylvania fits into any of this. Maybe you both huff natural gas?

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