Afghanistan Idol

Encouraging news from our allies in the international war against terrorism:

Afghanistan is expected to sign a formal agreement with the United Nations on Sunday to stop the recruitment of children into its police forces and ban the common practice of boys being used as sex slaves by military commanders, according to Afghan and United Nations officials.

With the agreement on an action plan to combat the problem, the government will for the first time officially acknowledge the problem of child sex slaves. As part of the Afghan tradition of bacha bazi, literally “boy play,” boys as young as 9 are dressed as girls and trained to dance for male audiences, then prostituted in an auction to the highest bidder. Many powerful men, particularly commanders in the military and the police, keep such boys, often dressed in uniforms, as constant companions for sexual purposes. – NYTimes

“Bacha Bazi.”  I keep hearing it sung to the tune of “Rockin Robin.”

I had no idea that cultural traditions of Afghanistan had so much in common with San Francisco’s.  Who knew that these venerable bearded old goats in vests, baggy pants, and turbans were such a randy lot, thrilled by the sight and touch of a young boy’s smooth dancing flesh?  Why, such sensitivity makes cock-fighting seem absolutely barbaric.

Hey, fellas!  So you think you can drag?

Funny how at the highest levels, America can’t quite get past its institutional discomfort with gay soldiers, while simultaneously getting into bed with a nation whose medieval culture celebrates homoerotic sexual slavery.  Must be some of that “compassionate conservatism” so popular in the previous administration.

It’s also interesting that when the Taliban was running things, they banned this practice.  That’s right – the terrorist fiends we’re trying to eradicate who throw acid in school girls’ faces, routinely remove body parts from political enemies, and give their blessings to death by stoning – these fellows find bacha bazi morally reprehensible.

Meanwhile, MTV is reportedly planning to start a new series based on the young sex slaves’ adventures.  Tentative title: “Foreskins.

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2 Responses to Afghanistan Idol

  1. Lois Terms says:

    Tell me again: why are we still in Afghanistan?

  2. Fran G'Panni says:

    San Francisco? Sounds more like Duval Street.

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