Say You Wanna Evolution?

Well, you got your work cut out for you.

A new report on a 2007 national survey of high school biology teachers found that most still didn’t teach evolution adequately. And today, evolution is more than just a chapter in the biology field; it’s the backbone of the whole discipline.

According to their report, published last month in the journal Science, 13% of high school biology teachers still teach creationism and about 60% of teachers are so anxious about teaching evolution that they avoid the topic.

[Pennsylvania State University political scientist Eric] Plutzer said many people feel evolution is antithetical to their values. “They claim it makes it harder to raise their children if they’re being exposed to a humanistic worldview in their science classes.”

Hey Hey! We’re the Monkees!

But nobody wants to believe it, or even talk about it!  And in the schools, even biology teachers want to avoid it!  The single most fundamental axiom in the entire field, and these strutting pedagogues are too timid to address it.

Who knew – biology teachers are invertebrates!  How did they ever wield the chalk and pointer?

It’s amazing how the same cranial-anal-inversion crowd that swears by the truth of the King James bible, Ayn Rand’s economics, and Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign birth and Muslim faith can’t swallow the fact that human beings evolved from lower species.  It’s a violation of their most fundamental faith, right up there with the conviction that global warming is a farce spun of conspiracy, borne of Al Gore’s flatulence.  And that this horde of unwashed cretins can intimidate whole communities of allegedly educated citizens like teachers, and school administrators, and boards of education.

We’re in a world of hurt, America, when our school kids are subject to this kind of cowardly pig-ignorance, and condemned to graduate this ill-informed.  If you’re troubled by the mind-boggling moronic utterances of media icons and political leaders today, just flash-forward a quarter century when the current crop of student zombies is unleashed.

My money’s on the monkeys.  Hey hey!

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4 Responses to Say You Wanna Evolution?

  1. Monkeys says:

    At times like these you humans embarrass us, but then we remember: you’re family, after all.

  2. Key Liam says:

    This isn’t surprising. In my experience as a former teacher, most teachers aren’t terribly confrontational, and prefer the line of least resistance. These days, given how they’re under seige from all levels of government, their own unions, and the general public, they’re probably even more inclined to keep their heads down. as for “professional integrioty,” they gave that up decades ago in return for a secure paycheck. Which means the joke’s not only about them, it’s ON them.

  3. Beardsley says:

    It’s staggering that so littrle has changed since HL Mencken wrote about the Scopes trial. Even so, at least that was about a teacher with the courage to defy the authorities and insist on the validity of teaching evolution.

    What this statistic reveals is that evolution has been replaced by devolution.

  4. Dr. Zaius says:

    We’ve got you right where we want you

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