Build Prisons On the Moon

Good news!

The Westboro Baptist Church reacted to its Supreme Court victory…with its usual amount of tact and good grace. Gloating leaders of the Kansas-based extremist church vowed to quadruple the number of protests at military funerals now that the court has ruled such demonstrations are protected under the First Amendment, ABC News reports. — Newser

Yes, good news.  Here’s why:

  • It’s a victory for freedom of expression unsullied by the presence of the ACLU, so even teapotty imbeciles can’t bitch about liberals and commies and fuckall else they blather on when something happens they don’t like.
  • Protests, marches, signs, and media releases by these cretins provide unparalleled entertainment value, and they’ve promised more!
  • It contributes to the public’s security and education when hate speech and the mouthpieces behind it are out where they can be clearly seen, closely monitored, and mercilessly mocked.
  • Reaction against these bozoic antics will encourage sympathy and support for the grief-stricken families and friends whose mourning is interrupted, and the ensuing revulsion and outrage will be rehabilitative for them and society generally.

The 8-1 opinion was a no-brainer – the only surprise is that Justice Alieto replaced the heavily favored Justice Thomas as the designated SCOTUS village idiot – but you don’t have to be a befuddled conservative Beltway ideologue to get it all wrong:

Sarah Palin slammed the Supreme Court’s ruling that members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church can protest homosexuality by continuing to picket military funerals.

“Common sense & decency absent as wacko ‘church’ allowed hate msgs spewed@ soldiers’ funerals but we can’t invoke God’s name in public square,” the former Alaska governor tweeted . –

You go, girl.  Maybe she figures by out-stupiding Alieto and getting it even wronger, she’s restoring confidence in the Court, although my best guess is that if Alieto even cares what she says, he’s embarrassed to have her agree with him.  Wouldn’t you be?

Anyway, we should all celebrate this happy turn of events, and all it implies.  After all, the last time hatred and ignorance combined to produce such positive results, Obama was elected president.

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5 Responses to Build Prisons On the Moon

  1. Dawgbowl says:

    What does she mean, “We can’t invoke God’s name in public square?” Talk about a Village Idiot. So I guess now she figures this Supreme Court is too liberal.

  2. Red White & Blue says:

    Why do you hate America?

  3. Missing Lincoln says:

    You, sir, have stolen all my snark on this one. Well done.

  4. Ruh Roh says:

    The most conservative supreme court in history aligns itself solidly with the ACLU.

  5. Kim Chee says:

    Sign, sign, everywhere’s a sign…………..

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