Give the People What They Want

….or, “Mister President, tear down this war!”

In an emotional speech on Saturday in the eastern city of Asadabad, in Kunar Province, Afghan president [Hamid Karzai] told relatives and neighbors of civilian victims that he sympathized with their plight. “With great honor and with great respect, and humbly rather than with arrogance, I request that NATO and America should stop these operations on our soil,” he said. “This war is not on our soil. If this war is against terror, then this war is not here, terror is not here.”

Mr. Karzai’s remarks were made at a memorial service for the victims, in the presence of local officials as well as the second highest ranking American general in Afghanistan, David M. Rodriguez. “Our demand is that this war should be stopped,” Mr. Karzai said. “This is the voice of Afghanistan.” – NYTimes

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2 Responses to Give the People What They Want

  1. I. Hadanuf says:

    What? He may have “misspoke”? Well you are in PoppyRama. Had a wee bit too much did ya.”

    If you and your corrupt buddies didn’t skim our aid dollars, me might have more of an incentive. Oh, and sharing with the Taliban that is so unfriendly.

    Go away old fart, you irk me. NO, REALLY PISS ME OFF.

    Away, shoo, go, go, go. Better yet DROP DEAD.

  2. Dawgbowl says:

    I say Amen. He doesn’t want us there, the American people don’t want us there, so what are we doing there? We could win every battle and kill every insurgent and when it’s all done and over with, they still wouldn’t want us there. Heads they win, tails we lose.

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