No Flies On Me

I have said to you before that even if Libya and the United States enter into war, God forbid, you will always remain my son, and I have all the love for you as a son, and I do not want your image to change with me. — Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, in a letter to President Barack Hussein Obama NY Times

Hmmmmmmm.  I wonder if the teabaggers have contacted Daffy Qaddafi yet to inquire about “his son’s” birth certificate?  This could explain a lot.

Well, in any event, it seems as though in fact we are at war with Libya, part of the coalition led by the French, of all people, flinging explosives at the nation’s strategic military sites.  Reports  of destructive bombings (what other kind is there?) on Daffy’s personal compound were confirmed as well, although the United States denies that he’s on some kind of international hit list.  However, there is agreement among European leaders and the US that the shitheel needs to be removed from power.

This is remarkable on several levels, not the least of which is that prior to this week, most Americans thought a “no-fly zone” was a service you bought from Truly Nolen.

Anyway, if this approach actually works, and Daffy is forced out, I think we should explore the feasibility of the same tactics in Tallahassee, where Gov Dickwithears and his posse have launched themselves into orbit far beyond what ordinary folks consider realty.  Consider this, for example:

An NRA-backed bill that would curb the questions doctors can ask patients about gun ownership passed out of a House subcommittee Tuesday….House Bill 155, sponsored by Rep. Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford ), makes it an invasion of privacy for a doctor, nurse or other medical professional to ask patients whether they own guns or keep them in the home.

Many medical groups adopt policies to encourage physicians to ask patients about firearms. The American Medical Association, for instance, tells members to ask parents about guns as part of child-proofing their homes.  —

Doctors could be fined $10,000 the asking first time, and a minimum of $100,000 afterwards.  The so-called conservatives — you know, the ones who hate government and want it off people’s backs and businesses and out of their lives — propose inserting themselves into the relationship between doctors and patients, prohibiting what can and can’t be discussed.

Talk about a no-fly zone — how about a no-clue zone?  A few strategic airstrikes to get these inhuman thugs to back down isn’t such a stretch under these circumstances, is it?

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5 Responses to No Flies On Me

  1. themasspube says:

    Explain to me why when Khadaffi kills civilians , we need a no fly zone to stop the slaughter of innocent people by an Arab leader, but when Bahrain does the same thing, we aren’t protecting their civilians. How much Bahrain’s does it take to figure that out……our 5th fleet is headquarteed in Bahrain. So pick your dick,tator and remember that Saddam was our best buddy when he was figthing Iran.

    And explain to me why in hell its a doctor’s business to ask if there are firearms in the house??

    • You May Call Me Pierre says:

      Perhaps M. themasspube’s complaint is more rooted in his American resentment of the French, without whose bold leadership and courage in this humanitarian defense of democracy the mission would never have been. This time we led, you followed. That was the correct course of action, but clearly it is not a role you favor greatly.

  2. Merkin Way says:

    I own guns, always have. So do my kids, who are grown and have kids of their own, some still very young. Their pediatrician always asks about guns in the house because there are too many cases of idiots leaving guns around where kids find them and hurt themselves and others. It’s the doctor’s business to take care of kids’ health. Getting shot isn’t healthy.

    My GP asks me about guns because he knows my grandkids visit. He also knows I know from gun safety. He also asks me if I fasten my seat belt, wear sunscreen, check my smoke detector batteries, and how my exercise program is going. This is the right way to practice medicine — treat your patient like an entire human being in a living environment, not a bag of statistics.

    Buy it or not, the other question is more important — what business is it of the legislature to tell a doctor what he can or can’t talk about with his patient?

  3. Odtley says:

    ok this time i thought u were kidding again with that quote with ‘my son’ in it but then i went on-line and saw it was for real in the nytimes so i’m really feeling better about myself cuz i know now that qaddafi is even more of a nut case than me or any of my friends.

  4. Frank of Oregon says:

    As long as we’re asking about whose business is whose business, why is it the NRA’s business to get between a doctor and his patient?

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